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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

house tour- the great outdoors {and the dining room}

this is the last day of the house tour.

it's been so nice to have you over this past week plus.

i realized that on the tour i zoomed past the dining room. 

here it is. 

it's kind of uneventful...which is ironic because this is where 
80% of our time is spent. 
not only do we eat all my fine home cooking at this {little} table, 
we also 
school here,
do family devotions here,
craft here, 
and drop here.
it's cozy {cramped}.

the table is the one thing in our home we {want} need to replace.
i'll miss it. 
{especially the spot where 2 yr old emilie took her fork at each meal and jabbed it into the table}
we've made a lot of memories at this table. 
a lot.
praise God for all the laughter, learning, and tears shared here. 

the suitcases to the left of the dining room slider
house wii remotes & games, 
puppets {to the puppet theater},
dress up clothes, and
more dress up clothes.

you're curious about the bear on top of the suitcases? 

i made it. 
from my grandfather's shirt after God took him home. 

i love it.
{there is another bear in our room made from michael's g-pa's shirt...  i wouldn't doubt if in the webster dictionary under 
"sentimental" the definition is  "denise"}


from the dining room slider you walk out into the best room of all...
the great outdoors!

i believe  that we are made in the image of the Creator of the earth
{and the heavens, and EVERYTHING}. 
 the desire to create a lovely place to live is a piece of who we are in Him.
that place will be unique to who we are
{and our budget, time, and husband's talents}.  
however, no home we fashion can ever compare with
His masterpiece.

the view from our patio in the spring.

the patio was built by michael with the help of his parents. 

the side tables were also built by michael.
{with recycled wood from a store in town}

everything else was a given to us seconhand~ 
the bbq {thanks christopher!}
the hutch and bricks {thanks lindsey!}
the swing and adirondack chair {thanks melanie!}
the b/w polka dot pillows {thanks mom!}
the cherry m.e. throw {thanks kelly}.
second hand/free is good. 

we have a garden's kind of a secret.
you'll have to go to this post to see it.

now, tell me...
when do i get to come to your house for a tour?


Thea Nelson said...

Beautiful. I love your sentimentality, that you made bears from your grandfathers' shirts, that you remember dates and love honoring them. I know you have a balloon release coming up--it's always a few weeks before we do ours. Love your heart.

hannah singer said...

oh what a special bear! love it.
your table looks like our old one. i was not a fan of it, and was thrilled when i broke in our move. we were given another hand-me down table, not a huge fan of it either. but free and old is fabulous with a toddler! our chairs are the same, like what you have;)
your patio is cozy.
i am slowly posting peeks into our home:

Jennifer @ Studio JRU said...

Oh my gosh... that view. I can not get past that view. I would never get anything done. I would just be sitting out there everyday enjoying the view! :)

Anonymous said...

I loved this post. Two things in particular stood out to me. First, those bears. What an amazing idea. I love them! Second, that view...OH MY what a gorgeous view. Thanks for letting me have a peek in your home. It's beautiful.

Linda Z said...

I am so going to miss your house... and I haven't even physically been there! I am sentimental, too. I loved your bear post and how you made them out of the shirts. So sweet!

Jessica Johnson said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the brick patio. and the rolling hills in the backyard. gorgeous. also, i'm thinking about painting our ugly pine bedroom furniture dark brown or black. and i think you just helped me make my decision final. i also need to find an old door. stat.

TDM Wendy said...

Love the backyard! What a great shot too!

~Stacy said...

I really enjoyed getting a peak into your home Denise. I can just see your personality popping out everywhere. You are so creative. Loved it!

Monica and Whitney said...

I love the trunks!

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