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Saturday, August 6, 2011

MAUI, part 2 {of most likely 3}

the reason we chose maui as the destination for our honeymooniversary
was because michael's brother, christopher, and his family
moved there a year and a half ago.
we knew maui would be a great destination for us to celebrate our 15th anniversary,
but we also knew this destination would give us the ability to visit his brother too! 
mahalo to christopher & michelle for moving to maui!

christopher & michelle have two terrific boys, luke & nicholas,
who just so happened to be at camp for 2 weeks with our kids
{so cool that the cousins got to go to camp together}. 
needless to say that while the kids were away the parents did play!

enjoy the following photos from our 
day trip together to beautiful hana
The garden of eden? you decide.
rainbow eucalyptus trees
 the lava tube and black sand beach at the waianapanapa state park

hike to the bamboo forest near the seven sacred pools

our day concluded with a rainbow framing the water and a small waterfall
{the waterfall is to the left}. 

i can now say i've seen the end of the rainbow...
i'm sure i do not have to tell you that i was struck with awe a number of times 
throughout this hana day.
at one point during the day, our hana guide, 
and my bro-in-law, christopher said, 
"we have not even begun to scratch the surface of the beauty of maui."
this lead me to think of God...
the brilliant Creator of all, 
and how i {we} haven't even begun to scratch the surface of ALL He is to us.

a hui hou!
{till we meet again}


jordyn said...

WOW! that rainbow is amazing!!!!!

looks like it was a great trip!

Paige said...


I love the picture of the end of the rainbow. That is amazingly spectacular!

How many siblings does Michael have? :)

Love you!

Kathleen said...

ah, breathtaking!!

hannah singer said...

ok, i am speechless after these maui posts! WOW so beautiful! and how awesome to spend time with family there, too!
thanks so much for sharing these glimpses of your vacation! xoxo

Lynn said...

I am in awe of these pictures and the God that made them possible. A-maz-ing!!!!!

Linda Z said...

Gorgeous!!! Tree rainbows and sky rainbows... and water just doesn't get any prettier than that! God is one amazing Creator!

So fun that you got to play with the big kids! :)

Jennifer @ Studio JRU said...

*sigh* So incredibly beautiful! :)

Sarah Markley said...

so beautiful!! =)

{cuppakim} said...

uhh...yeah serious mahalo to christopher and family.
you might have the BEST excuse to head to maui :)

and those pictures are crazy awesome. Especially that rainbow one. NUTS.

Alana said...

Catching up on you a the pics of Maui! I miss you...why don't you visit the sweaty site anymore? I am starting to think it is because of me ;-) I'm kidding...sort of. Love ya.