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Monday, August 15, 2011

We're Come'n To America {part 1}

On July 31st my family celebrated the 50th anniversary of their arrival to America from Flores, Azores!

  A Festa {party} was thrown by my cousins and I, to honor my grandmother and aunts, and the journey that began 50 years ago. 


This week I will share with you a bit of my family's history.

But first, let's get this party started!!!


Leslie @ top of the page said...

dude that's funny. it's a known fact that nothing says america like neil diamond. it's great to hear your voice and i LOVE LOVE LOVE the clipped up garlands of b&w photos everywhere. what a great idea for a party.

hannah singer said...

yep. love those photos everywhere!

and you are much too much. LOVE ya.

can't wait for the history lesson!

{cuppakim} said...

seriously love video denise.

i'm SO glad you have video footage.

we're commmmin to americaaaa!

you are like, SO the next portugese idol with vocals like that.

and you have stage presence.

and the IT-FACTOR.


Linda Z said...

You are awesome! :)

I used to know every single lyric to that song when I was 10!! My dad is a big Neil Diamond fan!!

Can't wait til you're come'n to SLO!!! :)