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Thursday, August 4, 2011

MAUI, part 1 of 2 {or maybe 3}

aloha friends!

i learned in maui that the meaning for "aloha" is "to share the sacred breath."   at one time the hawaiians would greet each other by standing forehead to forehead, sharing their breath.

wretched morning breath aside, i think this is an intimate and lovely display of hospitality.  it causes me to think of man's beginning, when God breathed life into adam's lungs~ that breath all mankind now shares.  how would our relationships differ if we greeted each other recognizing the Sacred Breath we share {only after you've run a toothbrush over your pearly whites, of course}?  just a thought.

maui was mauivelous! 
what a dream this was for michael and i, to be able to enjoy 9 days, sans kids, on a beautiful hawaiian island.
i am grateful for my little side job, in which every {spare} penny earned for a year went into an envelope designated for maui.  after almost 15 yrs of michael "bringing home the bacon" it was a treat for me to be able to give him an extravagant gift {he deserved it}.
we are also grateful to michael's parents, who gifted us with their timeshare in maui {mahalo, dennis & cindy}!

alright! enough chitchat, wanna see some pix?!?

 view from our room in kahana
kayak/snorkeling expedition at makena beach, 
where we saw giant sea turtles, tropical fish, touched an octupus, AND
where i was BRUTALLY ATTACKED... by our kayak.
{i had an awesome bruised lip for the remainder of the trip}. 
 i think you should know i am not adventurous. 
i dislike water-play {especially the ocean},  
i'm terrified of sharks {i blame steven spielberg}, and i DO NOT like to get my hair wet...
but what i dislike more is not living an adventure.
i had to talk myself into every adventure we took on this trip. i'm glad i did. 

shopping, eating, a movie, 
and taking in the sites in downtown lahaina.
yes, that is a REAL PARROT on the man's bike. 

this is one tree with 12 major trunks! 
God's creativity has no bounds.

snorkeling at kaanapali beach

snorkeling at honolua bay 
{actually michael snorkeled, i found a cozy seat and read The Help. so good}

hawaiian/polynesian luau...
where yes i did go on stage an learn to hula!
i've wanted to learn to hula at a luau since 1970-something when
i watched the brady bunch  family learn to hula at a luau in hawaii!
we met the sweetest "just maui'd" fellow blogger and her new husband at the luau too!
pop over to her blog, say hi, and tell her denise sent you!

A hui hou!
{until we meet again}


{cuppakim} said...

i still can't get over the view from your room.

that kayak bruise is HORRIBLE.

i cracked my back tooth going down a water slide on a snorkel boat on the big island.

it ruined the last few days of my trip. and i vowed to never do anything adventurous again.

i may have eased up on that vow a bit.
but why are hawaiian adventures so dangerous?!?!

you are so cute with your brady bunch dreams. i'm glad you got to live them out!!

Linda Z said...

So glad you talked yourself into some adventures! :) Did you ever snorkel? That is hands-down my favorite thing to do in Hawaii.

I love what you wrote about "breath." After brushing teeth of course! :)

Anonymous said...

WOW- I'm so jealous! What an amazing vacay. I LOVE all your pictures, thanks for sharing.

Kathleen said...

Wow, looks like an amazing trip! The views are glorious, everything just looks magical.

Marissa said...

Hello, lovely! Thanks for the sweet message. Glad you have returned home safely! Getting back to reality has been an adjustment, that's for sure! Lots of things to catch up on...(blogging, for one.) Your blog and photos make me all kinds of happy. TEACH ME YOUR WAYS.


Lynn said...

Your dress is lovely! Your lip is not....OUCH! Read "The Help" last summer on vacation. Loved it!

TDM Wendy said...

1. I just followed your blog publicly. Don't let me down.
2. How did you get that shot of my dad on a bike? Nice work.
3. Loved meeting you tonight.