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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Winner Winner Turkey Dinner!

 Happy Thanksgiving Eve! 

First thing's first, it's time to announce the winner of our Kiss the Sky
Chosen, Adopted, Loved, 
Can I get a dinner roll...err... turkey drumstick roll... err... drum roll please 
(someone's a little excited to chow down tomorrow)!

Congratulations goes to...

Ashleigh Becker

(Winner chosen using Random.Org)  

Thank you to everyone that entered. 
 I was teary eyed reading all your comments.  
I pray that God magnifies His sweet love on you and your 
chosen, adopted, and loved child. 


Now, it's that time of year again!
The time when we send out a warning to our feathered friends-
"Run little turkeys...
gonna die!"

If you enjoyed this video (and I know you did)
listen to Katie Rice's music here,
and check out Jesse Rice's book, The Church of Facebook, here. 

 Live in Peace,

Saturday, November 23, 2013


This morning I was reading Isaiah 43:1 "I have called you by name; you are mine." 

For 36 years "you are not mine" was the broken record my earthly father played for me.  
He swooped in and jealously and wildly staked His claim on me
 "I have called you by name; 

Today is National Adoption Day.

To adopt is to "to choose or take as one's own."   
I heard once that the commitment of adoption is one that cannot be severed.  

To say I love that is an understatement.
Being chosen, adopted, and loved by Father God is EVERYTHING to me. 

 Today on National Adoption Day I rejoice in Father God, 
Who wonderfully stakes his claim on us!
We all need it! 
Can I get an Amen!!? 

I especially want to cheer on mommies and daddies, 
who have followed His lead 
by adopting, and calling precious children, 

To do so I'm giving away this Chosen, Adopted, Loved 
 12x15 Canvas
 from our Kiss the Sky shop.   


How to enter: 

 Leave a comment, and share a bit of what adoption means to you. 
(I can't wait to hear all your stories!)

 Like Kiss the Sky on Facebook. 

Share a link to this Give Away on  your Facebook page.
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Share this giveaway on Instagram and hashtag #kisstheskyshop



 Live in Peace,



Saturday, November 16, 2013

40 Zone Ahead

Dear Denise, 

Yeah you. The girl...lady...girl typing.  Today you are 40.  I know, it's weird.  40 isn't at all what you pictured it to be.  You perceived 40 to be, well, old.  And you are definitely not old. 

A 40th birthday is a monumental birthday, and because of that I want to give you a gift.  And not just any gift, but the gift you have been telling me you really want.  Blessing. 

I know, the last person on earth you would expect (or accept) blessing from is you (I can already see that you are cringing and this is making you uncomfortable).  But girlfriend, there are some things you need to hear, and on your 40th birthday I want you to hear them from yourself.

You. Are. Beautiful. 

The way you live in Michael's love is a miracle, and it is my favorite. 
When you sing I fall in love.
You have many talents, but the place where you really shine is as a mommy. 
You are not too much. You are enough.   
You "open your mouth and let the Lord out."
I am so grateful for the way you grab moments and treasure them in your heart; your "I can't afford it but it's mine" moments.
Your passion for your children and your children's children inspires me.   
I get a huge kick out of the way you approach random people. I especially love it when those conversations become opportunities for you to tell your birth story (or to get in their car).    
Denise, when you write... that feeling of the Spirit stirring inside you... oh it is delicious!  (Please write more.  Do it for me)

God's creativity is limitless. Your Father has got good things in store for your future; look back and hope forward.   
You are capable.
Finally, Denise, your soul is gorgeous.  I am in love with the way you love the LORD your God, and madly-in-love with the way you WANT ALL OF HIM for yourself and others.

Denise, I ache watching you struggle to believe all these things. 
But believe them.
I need and want you to.  

For your 40th birthday do it!  Set the woman inside you who cringes and shakes her head "no" to embracing these blessings FREE! 

Do it. 


Because I love you,

Friday, November 1, 2013

What I learned in October...

that garage sales are good for meeting your neighbors, and little else.

toasting my buns on the seat warmers while my son braves the cold to pump my gas is the cat's meow, the bees knees, the greatest thing since sliced bread! (i hate being cold)

i realized that i sing the same song every time i get in the shower. is that weird? not that i sing in the shower. that's totally not weird. in fact if you don't you should. there are great acoustics in there. i'm just wondering if it's odd that i sing the exact same song every time? here's a bit of the tune: 
" i wish i could crash like the waves and turn like the autumn leaves in effort to praise you... but i'm such a limited creature... but i know that i must try." 
i've  decided that worshiping in the shower is like a baptism. it's washing away yesterday's filth and beginning today all kinds of clean.

that strategy boardgames like settlers of catan or ticket to ride and i are not friends. at all. they are stupid. and i shouldn't attempt to play them. ever.  

that juicy fruit gum will kill gophers (thanks for the tip, christina), which is good news cause this guy was fired after being caught sleeping on the job! 
i neeeeeeed to date my husband regularly.  he is handsome and funny and he likes to just be with me (he's also doesn't hog the salted caramel crunch cake we're sharing).  i need to intentionally hit the pause button on life for him more often.

that this pumpkin spice chai latte  is easier to swallow than dave ramsey's financial peace university, and that my husband and i can discuss our finances and create a new budget together without arguing... once anyways.  can i get a "hallelujah!" (it might have helped that michael made me this delicious beverage to gulp while we examined the dollars and cents)

i learned to give myself permission to say no even after i'd said yes. even when i really wanted to say yes, but no was the better answer.

one week during small group this came up in discussion "some people want Jesus as their Savior, but don't want Him as their Lord."   early on this was true of me. i was grateful that He saved me from the pit i was in, and relieved that my eternity was secure in Him, but honestly i had no intentions of letting Him be GOD of my life. 
but He did. 
i can look back and see a million ways He has made me relinquish control of my life and depend on Him.  it's been painful.  but lately i find that His Lordship of my life is beginning to exceed my own;  i'm getting it through my very thick skull that He has to be Lord, and that no matter how cotton-picking-hard i try, i'm just not made to be.

What song(s) do you sing in the shower?

 Live in Peace,