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Saturday, November 16, 2013

40 Zone Ahead

Dear Denise, 

Yeah you. The girl...lady...girl typing.  Today you are 40.  I know, it's weird.  40 isn't at all what you pictured it to be.  You perceived 40 to be, well, old.  And you are definitely not old. 

A 40th birthday is a monumental birthday, and because of that I want to give you a gift.  And not just any gift, but the gift you have been telling me you really want.  Blessing. 

I know, the last person on earth you would expect (or accept) blessing from is you (I can already see that you are cringing and this is making you uncomfortable).  But girlfriend, there are some things you need to hear, and on your 40th birthday I want you to hear them from yourself.

You. Are. Beautiful. 

The way you live in Michael's love is a miracle, and it is my favorite. 
When you sing I fall in love.
You have many talents, but the place where you really shine is as a mommy. 
You are not too much. You are enough.   
You "open your mouth and let the Lord out."
I am so grateful for the way you grab moments and treasure them in your heart; your "I can't afford it but it's mine" moments.
Your passion for your children and your children's children inspires me.   
I get a huge kick out of the way you approach random people. I especially love it when those conversations become opportunities for you to tell your birth story (or to get in their car).    
Denise, when you write... that feeling of the Spirit stirring inside you... oh it is delicious!  (Please write more.  Do it for me)

God's creativity is limitless. Your Father has got good things in store for your future; look back and hope forward.   
You are capable.
Finally, Denise, your soul is gorgeous.  I am in love with the way you love the LORD your God, and madly-in-love with the way you WANT ALL OF HIM for yourself and others.

Denise, I ache watching you struggle to believe all these things. 
But believe them.
I need and want you to.  

For your 40th birthday do it!  Set the woman inside you who cringes and shakes her head "no" to embracing these blessings FREE! 

Do it. 


Because I love you,


The Every Day Extraordinary said...

Do it because you love you and even more because He loves you. Oh, how He loves you. Completely;) Birthday blessings and the freedom to enjoy who you are today and every day my friend. Love.

Simply Sara said...

i don't even have words.


what you wrote is perfect.

accept, embrace and live in your blessing.

love you so much sweet girl!


Melody said...

Denise, I found this post very inspiring and thought-provoking even as I approach my 40th in a year or two. Thank you for your vulnerability in this.

mama holly said...


Tegan Aubrie | Twelve13 said...

Write more. For sure. And thank you in advance.

Happy belated birthday!

Linda Z said...

You have been 40 for 2 whole months now, sweet friend!! I pray that it is a decade of sweet blessings to come. I am glad that you are seeing yourself through God's loving eyes and embracing the truth of who He made you to be. Your life and soul inspires me often! Love you! :)