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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Winner Winner Turkey Dinner!

 Happy Thanksgiving Eve! 

First thing's first, it's time to announce the winner of our Kiss the Sky
Chosen, Adopted, Loved, 
Can I get a dinner roll...err... turkey drumstick roll... err... drum roll please 
(someone's a little excited to chow down tomorrow)!

Congratulations goes to...

Ashleigh Becker

(Winner chosen using Random.Org)  

Thank you to everyone that entered. 
 I was teary eyed reading all your comments.  
I pray that God magnifies His sweet love on you and your 
chosen, adopted, and loved child. 


Now, it's that time of year again!
The time when we send out a warning to our feathered friends-
"Run little turkeys...
gonna die!"

If you enjoyed this video (and I know you did)
listen to Katie Rice's music here,
and check out Jesse Rice's book, The Church of Facebook, here. 

 Live in Peace,

1 comment:

Ashleigh Becker said...

Thank you so much! I'm so excited!!