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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

And I can't afford it, but it's mine (savoring)

In it I expressed that these lyrics had caused me to replace worry and comparison with the question what is mine that I can't afford?   
The answer too much.   

I've been thinking that documenting my 
"And I can't afford it, but it's mine" 
moments should be a regular occurrence here at Victory Rd., 
because these are moments I want to fix in my mind.

Michael reaches over, kisses me, tells me again "I'm so glad that you're my wife."

And this miracle of a marriage- I can't afford it, but it's mine.   

Noah reaches over and strokes the back of my neck as I drive.  He gives me the look.  It's been a while.  A long teenager while.  I savor it.

And being cherished by my son- I can't afford it, but it's mine.

I've got 2 hours to get dinner made and the house tidied before our "small groupies" arrive.  Josie joins me in the kitchen to make cookies for my guests.  She bakes in a sing-song voice, floating around the kitchen as she preps.

And the way she refreshes me with her joy- I can't afford it, but it's mine.

After dinner we celebrate the birthday of a small groupie by speaking words of blessing to Megan. I watch her face as truth and delight is spoken.  My heart filled with gladness as I watched her hear and embrace who she is.  The Spirit revealed to me how the Lord is OVERJOYED when we embrace His blessing spoken to us. 

And living blessed- I can't afford it, but it's mine.   

Receiving sweet texts from Emilie while she was away over the weekend for a school activity. She invites me into the details of her life through texting.

And her friendship- I can't afford it, but it's mine. 

We discover a bill that should have been wrapped into our mortgage has not been paid for.  We owe a good bit.  But I don't freak out!  I recall what I've learned- "nothing has permission to take my God-given security from me."

And this peace- I can't afford it, but it's mine.  
Coffee with a friend.  We share our painful, fragile, never should have been.  It's messy but safe because we share the same merciful God.  And He fills the questions and the ache with Himself through each other.  He makes beauty from our ashes.

And God- I can't afford Him, but He is mine!

Tell me, 
What are your
"And I can't afford it, but it's mine" 
moments from this week? 

 Live in Peace,


Saturday, March 1, 2014

Winter Vacay

I don't know whose idea it was to take a week vacation from school in February, but to whoever you are, I LOVE YOU!

We took FULL advantage of our time together last week and ventured off to Newport Beach, where we stayed with Jones family friends at their lovely beach house.

Waking up and being greeted by this view each morning was a treat,
but the real gift was the hospitality and rich conversations shared with our hosts, Dean, Barb, and their family.  They are a people that are generous with their lives. 

We packed a lot into our 5 days in So Cal.
 We enjoyed delicious worship with Michael's Uncle Jack at the Bridge in Rancho Santa Margarita.
 I'm still chewing on the message, which was EXACTLY what my heart needed.  I was also SURPRISED when I realized that I was at the church with fellow blogger, Julie, from "Joy's Hope!"

After church, Michael's grandmother and aunt joined us, and we headed down to beautiful Dana Point, where we enjoyed brunch together.  We're so grateful to have gotten to spend some time with family we love but don't see as often as we'd like.

On Monday we met up with my Melanie and her family.
 Our friendship dates all the way back to 1990.  What made our bit of time together so refreshing is that we can just be together.  I adore her.

For Christmas 2012 we received tickets to Disneyland (Thanks Gramps & Nana).
 We thought we'd avoid the Presidents weekend crowds by visiting the mouse on Tuesday... boy were we wrong! The park was packed.  On the plus side, we ran into a handful of folks from our neck of the woods.
I think they were excited.

So here's something funny about us (I say funny, you might say cruel)
When our kids were little we told them the mouse at Disneyland's name was Marvin.
We even sang to the tune of the Mickey Mouse song "M. A. R. Are you coming to see me. V. I. N.  N' bring a friend.  M. O. U. S. E."
We figured that because our children were being raised by us they'd absolutely be in need of counseling, so we thought we'd go ahead and provide them with some good material!  We also had them believing their Nana's name was Cinderella, and that Cindy was her nickname (The girls are still devastated that her name is actually Cynthia). 

We headed home Wednesday, but not before stopping for "Snunch" (snack/lunch) at Ruby's on Balboa Pier.
Those fries dipped in that Oreo Cookie Malt helped ease my leaving the beach blues.

So did a stop at Ikea,  a.k.a.- "Disneyland for Mommy."
 Thursday we were all tuckered out, so we hid out at home.

On Friday, the kids and I headed north for the day, and squeezed in a visit with my grandmother, sister and her family.

It's become a tradition for my sister, my girlies, and I to take off for some girl time together when we're together.  Hobby Lobby followed by fraps at Sbux was our destination this time.

At one point on Friday, Emilie commented that she sees that Toni is one of my best friends.
It was absolute sweetness to me that she sees that.  Our friendship is a miracle.  I treasure it.  I am grateful that God is our God, and for His healing and restoration.

Live in Peace!