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Thursday, October 27, 2011

a whole lotta insta

linking up with  jeanette,
for a bitta' insta
life rearranged

1. the dorito taco is only available in central ca., "to eat it or not to eat" that is the question?
2. josie singing into the white shoe polish bottle on the way to church {white shoe polish is great for leaving messages on friend's cars} .
3. 70's party celebrating spinner's 40th~ partridge family with hippie cher
4. "that 7o's party,"  rod stewart & spinner
5. holding the newest member of the teodosio family, ian silva {he is yummy!}
6. "everybody cut, everybody cut, everybody cut footloose."  shhh, don't tell anyone,  this faithful to kevin, lori, sarah jessica, and chris girl REALLY LIKED the new footloose.

7. josie with chopped locks making egg rolls.
8. dear dead deer,  i told you, "if you hit my saturn i'll kick uranus!"
9.  FINALLY, homeowners again! anyone want to come help us pull out nasty carpet and tile, paint, redo the kitchen, knock out walls, add new walls??  "anyone anyone anyone?  beuller, beuller beuller?" 

10. having a ginger spice latte from "the bean" with ginger.
11. as i was taking the pic of this plate the owner approached me and i asked "who is the 'him' you love?" she replied, "jesus." i responded, "i love Him too!"
12. she loves me.

13. bass lake minus the lake {by the forks marina}.
14. to eat it! tasted like high school~ back in the day when my metab allowed me to eat anything and everything.  

happy friday, 

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

wiww- come on vogue

linking up with the s.i.l for wiww. 
pleated poppy

participating in wiww is uncomfortable.
i feel awkward striking a pose in front of the camera, 
looking at myself is not on my list of enjoyable things to do,
and i in no way think i have the cutest, trendiest wardrobe in the western hemisphere.
so why do i participate?
because wiww makes me get out of my jammies.
my cozy, flannel, chocolate factory "i love lucy" jammies,
which i would live in all the "i love lucy" time
if it weren't for wiww.  

so thanks linds for wiww, 
and for encouraging me {and others like me }
to get dressed
"show up for life."
and thank you to the rest of you that participate in wiww. 
i know most of you feel awkward vogueing too,
 but i'm glad you do.
your showing up dressed and ready to go
nudges me to show up too!  
gray cardi- target
white tee- target
skinny jeans- old navy
gray boots- bass outlet
lovely scarf- hand made gift from melanie

green top- marshalls
blue striped top- hand me over from my sister
jeans- kohls
blue flats- my sister again
necklace- lisa leonard

spinner's 40th birthday surprise 1970's rave

Partridge Family suede top- my m.i.l.'s costume closet.
white top- kohls
skinny jeans {in place of fishnet stockings}- old navy
boots- on line some where 
yellow purse- borrowed without permission from my m.i.l.

emilie is rocking the hippie look with her sign protesting spinner's birthday.
noah looks like he walked out of an episode of The Wonder Years.
good times.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Nobody's Got it All Together

The Middle
Jill Phillips~Nobody's Got it All Together
If I was old I might have it together
Or if I was young that would be my excuse
But either extreme seems so easy to be
And I’m somewhere in the middle

Too young to act like there’s wisdom inside of my head
And too old not care if it's there
The pendulum swings to each end well defined
And I’m somewhere in the middle

So tell me when will I know where I fit into the scheme of things
Cause right now I’m not even sure if I belong
The cracks are wide and it seems like I keep on falling in between
Please tell me I’m wrong
Please tell me that I’m wrong

It's too late to back out of this race that we started
but it seems the finish is light years ahead
So all I can ask is that you walk next to me
Here somewhere in the middle

Friday, October 14, 2011

the family dirt

every families got some...
the joneses!

spending the weekend with the entire jones crew
{give or take a few},
and diggin' it!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Crock-Potting for Dummies~ A Love Story

linking up with 
mel at the larson lingo

i'm sure you're not a crock-pot dummie,
but i was.
i was.
my stupidity came from crock-pot fear. 
i was afraid of the crock-pot.

i had heard many crock-pot love stories.
tales of women who dumped food in their pots
it the middle of the afternoon,
 returned to the pot a few hours later with a warm meal prepared for their families.
i'd heard of how the crock-pot romanced women.
they would fill their pots with a handful of items in the a.m.,
set the heat setting and timer, 
and come home
and find dinner 
for them
like a bouquet of roses.
i wanted needed to be dinner-loved like that. 

so i timidly bought a pot.
i'm proud to announce 
we've been going steady ever since! 
♥  ♥  ♥ 

here is the EASIEST 
crock-pot dish
the crock-pot dummie.

4 FROZEN  chicken breasts
2 packets taco seasoning
1 tbl cumin

1 cup chunky tomato salsa
1 small can diced green chilies
dump everything into the crock pot. 
set your heat setting to low.
set your cook time to 3 hrs 30 min.

{many crock-pots have timers for 4, 6 or 8 hours. 
if that is the case set your crock for 4 hours. 
will not take 4 hours}

at hour 3 remove the lid and shred the chicken with two forks. 
{this allows the juices and flavor to infuse all the meat}
 once the chicken is done you can let it warm until you're ready to serve dinner.
it will be fine.
finally serve! 
this shredded mexi-chicken
is great on tacos, nachos, mexican pizza, and more. 
  our family of 5 usually gets 
3 MEALS out of  it! 
3 MEALS!!!

i love you mr. crock.

{from my pot to yours},

Monday, October 10, 2011

hello monday

linking up with lisa leonard & hello monday
{with my pix}

hello new week.  new, i need you.

 hello to another week on the lake.

to crisp fall air and fires in the woodstove~ an invitation to curl up with the good book and french vanilla tea in my cuppakim mugswap cup in the mornings,
and to eat s'mores to our hearts content in the evenings.

hello to another week of home lake-schooling, lifting our heads from our studies to take in the view, the calm. 

hello to "crocktober" and favorite meals from my "rock-pot" to link up.

hello to work and more school photography {thank you God for the ways You provide}

goodbye to escrow and hello to being homeowners again.

hello to speaking at MOPS about giving the gift of blessing to your family.

BIG HELLO to finally meeting the newest member of the jones family,  our nephew jack!
who's traveling all the way to cali from "the land down under" with his mommy.   
{picture stolen from my s.i.l., jennifer.  we're looking forward to seeing lots of smiles this week}

hello to birthdays of so many people i love~ lily, grandma phyllis, mama holly, papa dan, AND TO CELEBRATING GRAM'S 90th WITH A JONES FAMILY GATHERING!

what are you saying hello to this week?


Wednesday, October 5, 2011


linking up with lindsey for another week of what i wore.
pleated poppy
i'm sharing 2 outfits this week 
because i only got dressed 2x this week. 
the other 5 days i wore my yoga pants, favorite tee, and favorite sweatshirt.  
you don't want to see me in that do you?
i didn't think so.

church and errands~
tank-forever 21
cream boyfriend cardi- sears
{had the hardest time finding one}
belt- ??  but i know i bought it for my 30th birthday hoe-down/chilli cook-off celebration
{that was fun}
boots- charming charlies

 life group and more errands~
gray top- h&m
black cardi- forever 21
polka dot scarf- gift from my mom
petal pusher- pleated poppy {of course}
skinny jeans- old navy
gray boots- bass outlet {buy 1 get 2 free}

hApPy WeDnEsDay!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

" So here's what I want you to do.."

i've been blogging for 4.5 years.

when i began i was 33 {you're shocked, you thought i was younger, right?}. i was a stay at home wife and home schooling mommy of 3.  i was living the life here i'd always hoped would someday be mine, BUT i was so discontent.  people said {as they always do}, "enjoy it, it goes by fast."  i knew they were right, but what i really needed was for Someone to lead me by the hand and show me how to enjoy it.

i was also coming out of another string of physical illness as well as another season of depression {just weeks before my first post i'd had a hysterectomy}.  i was really sad.  sad that i was sick all. the. time. from my perspective i was a hindrance to my family.  i was sad that i could not physically be all the wife and mommy and human being that i wanted to be.  i was also mad.  mad that God kept allowing me to be weak while everyone around me seemed so strong. 

in the privacy of my home i sulked and asked "why?" a lot. 
it's really hard to live in joy when you're so consumed with "why." 
finally i was a newly recovering pharisee.  as a pharisee i had mastered the black & white, self-righteous, graceless, look-like-and-act-like-a-christian life.  my haughty attitude lead me to speak the most nauseating words, "God calls us to 'be perfect as He is perfect.' well,  i'm just about perfect, God might as well take me home." {GAG!}   thankfully God in His mercy showed me just how "perfect" i was NOT, and served me a Marie Callander's restaurant worth of humble-pies!  the Father made it crystal clear that He was not as rigid as i'd created Him to be.  as a recovering pharisee i was stumbling a lot as i learned to walk for the first time in humility and grace.  hindsight being 20/20 i see that the stumbling offered me ample opportunity to learn to live in humility and grace. i needed to live in both before i could extend them {life would be so much simpler if it could be lived presently with hindsight's perspective}. 

i had no idea the impact blogging would have on my life.  

no idea.

my s.i.l. lindsey was new to blogville.  she knew i was a journaler.  i recall her telling me that i should blog, that i would love it.  i honestly didn't know what a blog was. i snooped around and stalked a few bloggers for a little over a week, and then on good friday 2007 i posted my first post {i look back and think it is a sweet detail that i began blogging on a good friday. good things happen on good fridays that have changed the entire course of my life}.

a strange thing happened when i began blogging, i started searching high and low in my stay-at-home life, in my story, in my weakness, in my recovering pharisee, for "blog-worthy moments" to share on my little piece of the internet world {it was strange to me then, but is the norm now}.

 i didn't realize then that those "blog-worthy moments" were actually "praise worthy moments."   those moments were causing me to take my eyes off my "woe is me,"
and instead to 
"enter His gates with thanksgiving in my heart, to enter His courts with praise!"  
and boy, did i NEED in there. 

the result was that this once joyless, taking up residence in defeat {instead of victory} me, was wrapping my arms around the life that God had given me!!

blogging had become a form of worship!
with my eyes no longer on me, but on His goodness, i decreased and God increased.
God increased in my relationship with my husband and children.
God increased in my weakness as he became my strength. 
God increased as things in me were put to death so real-Jesus could be born in me.

"So here's what I want you to do, God helping you: Take your everyday, ordinary life - your sleeping, eating, going-to-work, and walking-around life - and place it before God as an offering. Embracing what God does for you is the best thing you can do for him."
  Romans 12:1
The Message

How do you wrap your arms around the life God has given you?

Have you ever considered that blogging is a form of worship?

Sunday, October 2, 2011


michael's grandmother sent me this comic-strip clip 
a dozen years ago.

it still makes me chuckle.  

happy monday!