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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Intoxicate My Heart

For who is the Lord but the Lord?
Who is God except our God?
The highest.
The most good.
The most mighty.
The most omnipotent.
The most merciful,yet most just.
The most hidden, yet most present.
The most beautiful, yet strongest.
The stationary, yet incomprehensible constant. You cannot change, yet You change everything. You are never new, yet never old. You make all things new, yet conquer the proud with old age before they know of it's approach.
You are ever working, yet ever at rest. You are still gathering yet You lack nothing. You are still supporting, filling, and overspreading; still creating, nourishing, and maturing; still seeking, although You have all things.
You love without yearning, are jealous without bitterness; share our regret without self-reproach; express anger without losing serenity.
When all others fail to finish what they propose, Your purpose remains unchanged. You receive what you found yet had never lost. You are never in need yet rejoice in what You gain. You never covet yet exact payments, so that You may owe. Yet who has anything that is not already Yours? You pay debts when You owe nothing, but in remitting debts You lose nothing.

And what have I now said, my God, my life, my holy joy? What does any mortal say when speaking of You? Yet woe to the one who does not speak, for silence is the most eloquent voice.
Oh that I might rest in You.
Oh, that You would enter my heart and make it intoxicated, so that i might forget all woes and embrace You, my only good.

The Confessions of St . Augustine


Sarah Markley said...

i love've inspired me to dust off the old saint from my shelf...=)

NYC said...

I found your blog via Sarah Markley's blog; the great picture of you and your husband made me click onto your blog :) I'm glad that I visited your blog and hope to visit again soon.

Jennifer said...

Powerful words, aren't they? I feel the need to "send to the printer..."

BethAnne said...

I love this!

Earen said...

Wow, that was really powerful. Thank you for sharing this with us.

Kristen said...

love this! thanks for sharing!

Jennifer said...

love your new picture i.d. - it's so cute! It speaks volumes, too...

Renee said...

Thanks for sharing this, Denise. It's wonderful.

I too love your new picture. You seem like such a fun person...your words, your pictures, your are loved!

Jennifer Partin said...

Okay, I love Sara Groves and must say I had never heard of Shane and Shane.(chalk it up to living overseas) Anyhow, I just want to say thank you for leaving a comment b/c I went to iTunes to check them out and bought their CD! Thank You they sound awesome and I look forward to them drawing my heart closer to the Lord! Love this blogging stuff!

Gentle Domestic said...

I loved this. Thank you for a reminder of God's intricate being.
Your blog is very refreshing!

The pictures from your daughter's birthday were beautiful (quite a photographer!) My youngest daughter turned 7 in Feb. and we did the Amer. Girl thing too. Doesn't it go by WAY TOO FAST?!

mel said...

I'm finding St. Augustine's words to be right-on. Is that a 70s thing? Right-on? Is that kinda like groovy?