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Tuesday, February 5, 2008


i am staring out the window at my kids, they are playing with worms. i love them (my kids, not the worms).

last night we were discussing our day, what we were thankful for. Michael said he was thankful for the for a rainbow he had seen earlier in the day, and for the beautiful sunset God gave him as he traveled home from work. i began to pout, for just a moment, to God about how i had missed those things because i was stuck indoors all day with the kids. God prompted me to ask Him what my rainbow and sunset was on this day. seeing clearly i added to the conversation, i am "thankful for the rainbow i saw, when emilie wrapped her arms around noah, comforting him when he got hurt. And, my sunset , came in josie's sweet expressions, her big smile, her "r" less words, as i soak up her 5-ness (she will 6 at the end of the week).

sometimes. i just miss it.
sometimes i envy everyone else's adventures so much that i miss my own.
this is my adventure.
Adventure: an unusual, exciting, typically hazardous, experience, or activity. the exploration of unknown territory. the encountering of risk. daring and exciting activity calling for enterprise and enthusiasm.


Cari said...

Thank you for the reminder Denise. There's a little card I keep on my desk in the schoolroom that says, "Don't do whatever you whatever you do." I believe that is part of the abundant life that He came to give and I can only live that way when I choose that perspective.

nikki said...

"Life is either a daring ADVENTURE or nothing at all."- Helen Keller

"Life isn't about waiting for the storm to end, rather learing how to dance in the rain."-Anonymous

"Keep your face to the sunshine and you can not see the shadows."-Helen Keller

Jennifer Partin said...

Isn't that true?

What a good reminder----I, too, can lose sight of that. Thank you for refocusing me.

Kristen said...

AMEN SISTER! Love your words today - that is just so true. We can totally lose sight of what is right in front of us. THANK YOU!

Sarah Markley said...

OHHH we have such amazing adventures every day! =)

BethAnne said...

Okay, I am not sure what your husband looks like exactly, but could those kids look any more like you?
I sometimes feel that because I stay at home (although I am frequently on the road as a stay at home mom) I am missing out on so many things. But, there are many moms who have to work who would give anything to trade places with me. It is all about gratefulness - thanks for the reminder!

Renee said...

You're speaking to my heart Denise!! Directly to my heart.

I so often find myself feeling like I'm missing out on the world outside of my four walls, and I miss the world that is going on INSIDE my home. It is inside my home that I am fulfilling one of the highest callings...inside my home where my miracles happen. My rainbows and sunsets.

Thank you so much for this beautiful and thoughtful post!

And to answer your question...I get my backgrounds from You can choose whatever layout you want on there. I personally like the 'scenery or nature' backgrounds. Although I think your blog is one of the coolest looking ones I've seen. I love it!

Earen said...

Your words are so true & perfect for me personally to hear. Thank you.

Earen said...

Me again! Thanks for your funny remark about your name on my blog today...I laughed out loud!

I've been also wanting to share with you how I've been blessed by your heart & sharing. I think if we lived close by that we'd be great friends...we have alot of alikes! You are beautiful inside & out & it shows!