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Thursday, October 27, 2011

a whole lotta insta

linking up with  jeanette,
for a bitta' insta
life rearranged

1. the dorito taco is only available in central ca., "to eat it or not to eat" that is the question?
2. josie singing into the white shoe polish bottle on the way to church {white shoe polish is great for leaving messages on friend's cars} .
3. 70's party celebrating spinner's 40th~ partridge family with hippie cher
4. "that 7o's party,"  rod stewart & spinner
5. holding the newest member of the teodosio family, ian silva {he is yummy!}
6. "everybody cut, everybody cut, everybody cut footloose."  shhh, don't tell anyone,  this faithful to kevin, lori, sarah jessica, and chris girl REALLY LIKED the new footloose.

7. josie with chopped locks making egg rolls.
8. dear dead deer,  i told you, "if you hit my saturn i'll kick uranus!"
9.  FINALLY, homeowners again! anyone want to come help us pull out nasty carpet and tile, paint, redo the kitchen, knock out walls, add new walls??  "anyone anyone anyone?  beuller, beuller beuller?" 

10. having a ginger spice latte from "the bean" with ginger.
11. as i was taking the pic of this plate the owner approached me and i asked "who is the 'him' you love?" she replied, "jesus." i responded, "i love Him too!"
12. she loves me.

13. bass lake minus the lake {by the forks marina}.
14. to eat it! tasted like high school~ back in the day when my metab allowed me to eat anything and everything.  

happy friday, 


The Morris Family said...

How exciting a license plate can be a tool to share about Christ!!

Fun photos of your week!!!

Happy Friday

Courtney and Heather said...

Love that lic plate!

And yes I am with u 3 pair of TOMS would be great!!

Thanksf for stopping by!


Chrissy said...

LOVE all the pics and that you have a house!!! : )

Jessica Johnson said...

i've been wanting one of those tacos since you posted it days ago. i may have to drive to central california. it's that bad.

Becca at One Girl said...

How was the Dorito taco? I really want see footlose, like really. Maybe this week! Happy InstaFriday to you!

{cuppakim} said...

dorito tacos? say what?

central ca get's all the cool stuff.

like denise.

and dorito tacos.

i have a feeling that one of those two would make a trip to cc so worth it. ;)

Paige said...

Your photos are awesome!!! I love the look of that taco but I think I might die if I tried to eat it!!!

:) You always make me smile!


forever folding laundry said...

Congrats on the house - yay!!!

But I'm wondering:
will your new house
be close to dorito tacos?

Because that's important.


TDM Wendy said...

That would have been really awesome if "him" was someone like Howard Stern or Yogi Bear and you coulda said "Oh."

Linda Z said...

Ah... white shoe polish. I did not know this, but that information may come in handy! :) Getting ideas...

Yay for getting started on your house! :) Can't wait to see!

I saw Footloose at the Drive-In last night... after Puss in Boots. Things I liked about it... line dancing, Ren & Willard (I think he's even better that the old one) & sorta Ariel, the final scene, how they decorated the warehouse. Some of the dancing. Good discussions about not judging people and "times" for different things in life.

Didn't like the soundtrack so much... I think the way the original soundtrack was done made the movie. And some of the dancing that was way too raunchy... you need to teach the youngins today how to dance, cause you do it way funner! :) That would be a good movie... Denise Brings the Funner Back to Dance. :)

Momma of The B.M.C. Report said...

Such fun photos from this week! YAH for being a homeowner again! What a blessing. I say 'not to eat' the dorito taco but if you do... tell me if it's good :)

Kristen said...

i love the 70's party! awesome.

i loved footloose!

i am loving josie's short hair... cute!

i love that you closed on your new house!

i love you!!!

Jennifer @ Studio JRU said...

What a fun look into your life! My sister and I loved the original footloose. She saw the new one and was surprised how much she liked it! I will have to watch it too! Love that license plate! :)

hannah singer said...

dorito taco!? hey-o!
wish i was there to help with the new place, how exciting! LOVE you xo