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Monday, October 10, 2011

hello monday

linking up with lisa leonard & hello monday
{with my pix}

hello new week.  new, i need you.

 hello to another week on the lake.

to crisp fall air and fires in the woodstove~ an invitation to curl up with the good book and french vanilla tea in my cuppakim mugswap cup in the mornings,
and to eat s'mores to our hearts content in the evenings.

hello to another week of home lake-schooling, lifting our heads from our studies to take in the view, the calm. 

hello to "crocktober" and favorite meals from my "rock-pot" to link up.

hello to work and more school photography {thank you God for the ways You provide}

goodbye to escrow and hello to being homeowners again.

hello to speaking at MOPS about giving the gift of blessing to your family.

BIG HELLO to finally meeting the newest member of the jones family,  our nephew jack!
who's traveling all the way to cali from "the land down under" with his mommy.   
{picture stolen from my s.i.l., jennifer.  we're looking forward to seeing lots of smiles this week}

hello to birthdays of so many people i love~ lily, grandma phyllis, mama holly, papa dan, AND TO CELEBRATING GRAM'S 90th WITH A JONES FAMILY GATHERING!

what are you saying hello to this week?



{cuppakim} said...

hello cute blog post on victory road.

hello muggity mug (so glad it arrived, sorry it took so long!)

hello cute giggly baby.

hello beautiful view on the LAKE.

kinda jeal.

i'm saying hello to a day off (hellooooo Christopher Columbus), hello to a bike ride along the bay, hello to my dad who surprised me and found me out there, hello to a super loud generator outside my front door operated by construction guys. and goodbye to my noisy house for the afternoon. hello to my cute puppy.

busy day ahead :)

Anonymous said...

hello to you! :)

hello to ADORABLE baby smiles. :)

hello to s'mores! I love s'mores.

Linda Z said...

I wish I could have heard you speak! Those mommies must have been sooo blessed.

That baby Jack has the cutest smile! Melt. :)

Jennifer @ Studio JRU said...

Ahh... fires in the woodstove. I can almost smell it. We had family friends growing up that had a woodstove. I loved how their basement smelled! Crocktober sounds like a do not miss post! Love our crockpot! And your newest family member... adorable!! :)

hannah singer said...

hello, victory road blog.

hello, awesome friend denise.

hello, to new mercies every morning.

hello, crisp autumn breeze.

hello, afternoon coffee.

i love you. praying a ton.

Kristen said...

hello s'mores. jealous.

hello view at bass lake. jealous.

miss you friend!

The Every Day Extraordinary said...

Hello to time healing me--time. Sweet time. Hello to you and you wise words: )

ragamuffinbeauties said...

Ahhhh, so sorry I'm lame and I took so long to get it to you! SO glad you DID get it though, I was getting nervous that you hadn't. Your blog is adorable, loving it! Jenni