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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Crock-Potting for Dummies~ A Love Story

linking up with 
mel at the larson lingo

i'm sure you're not a crock-pot dummie,
but i was.
i was.
my stupidity came from crock-pot fear. 
i was afraid of the crock-pot.

i had heard many crock-pot love stories.
tales of women who dumped food in their pots
it the middle of the afternoon,
 returned to the pot a few hours later with a warm meal prepared for their families.
i'd heard of how the crock-pot romanced women.
they would fill their pots with a handful of items in the a.m.,
set the heat setting and timer, 
and come home
and find dinner 
for them
like a bouquet of roses.
i wanted needed to be dinner-loved like that. 

so i timidly bought a pot.
i'm proud to announce 
we've been going steady ever since! 
♥  ♥  ♥ 

here is the EASIEST 
crock-pot dish
the crock-pot dummie.

4 FROZEN  chicken breasts
2 packets taco seasoning
1 tbl cumin

1 cup chunky tomato salsa
1 small can diced green chilies
dump everything into the crock pot. 
set your heat setting to low.
set your cook time to 3 hrs 30 min.

{many crock-pots have timers for 4, 6 or 8 hours. 
if that is the case set your crock for 4 hours. 
will not take 4 hours}

at hour 3 remove the lid and shred the chicken with two forks. 
{this allows the juices and flavor to infuse all the meat}
 once the chicken is done you can let it warm until you're ready to serve dinner.
it will be fine.
finally serve! 
this shredded mexi-chicken
is great on tacos, nachos, mexican pizza, and more. 
  our family of 5 usually gets 
3 MEALS out of  it! 
3 MEALS!!!

i love you mr. crock.

{from my pot to yours},


{cuppakim} said...

i was so scared of the crock too.
but look at you - you didn't just get a crockpot.

you got the mother of all crock pots.
heat settings?
digital display?

woooo weeee. you are fannnn-seeee.

love the simple recipe. :)

i may have to try.

in my simple no timer no digital display on or off only heat setting crock.

i think she can do it. :)

Simply Sara said...

my crock pot is a simple girl too.
and i love her.

i hearty heart heart this recipe.

i've made chicken & salsa before...but never thought to add taco seasoning, chilies and cumin (even though now i do remember you telling me that this is how you make it)

also, 3 1/2 hours. really?! that makes me happy. since most days i don't think of dinner until 3ish.

i'm making this tonight...(if i have some chicken in the freezer- gotta check :)

love ya and have missed ya!

Linda Z said...

Oh how I miss chicken and corn and Mexican food!!!

Your dinner looks amazing! Glad you and the crock are in love! You should get a bread machine next... they are pretty fun and easy, too. Oh, how I miss bread.

I need to stop talking about food now and go eat my raw almonds. I know you are jealous. :)

hannah singer said...

have mercy, girl! i am starting this immediately...i forgot to take meat out to thaw last night and all my fave crock recipes require most of the day...and i forgot to prepare earlier. hmmm, my brain isn't at home today i think.

anyway, thanks, you have saved the day;) holla!

how are you? do you have the hey tell app? if not, please get it. get it today!

Janelle said...

You crack me up!! I loooove the crock.

I will just this recipe next time I plug it in. Always looking for yummy nacho food!


Christie Clair said...

Seriously inspired. And, I needed to be inspired. Thank you.

Rags to Stitches said...

I'm so scared of my crockpot too!! I love this idea. I so going to be trying every crock pot recipe in the link up!

Thanks for sharing.

The Every Day Extraordinary said...

I MUST TRY!! Thanks!

Jessica Johnson said...

#1. this looks AH-MAZING. #2. we have the exact same mr. crock. #3. i miss your face.

mel @ the larson lingo said...

making this on saturday night. I have all the ingredients ready to go. YUM! So happy you linked up! :)

Jodi said...

Ooh, great idea, and Crock-tober? I'm heading over! I am possibly the crockpots biggest fan.