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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

wiww- come on vogue

linking up with the s.i.l for wiww. 
pleated poppy

participating in wiww is uncomfortable.
i feel awkward striking a pose in front of the camera, 
looking at myself is not on my list of enjoyable things to do,
and i in no way think i have the cutest, trendiest wardrobe in the western hemisphere.
so why do i participate?
because wiww makes me get out of my jammies.
my cozy, flannel, chocolate factory "i love lucy" jammies,
which i would live in all the "i love lucy" time
if it weren't for wiww.  

so thanks linds for wiww, 
and for encouraging me {and others like me }
to get dressed
"show up for life."
and thank you to the rest of you that participate in wiww. 
i know most of you feel awkward vogueing too,
 but i'm glad you do.
your showing up dressed and ready to go
nudges me to show up too!  
gray cardi- target
white tee- target
skinny jeans- old navy
gray boots- bass outlet
lovely scarf- hand made gift from melanie

green top- marshalls
blue striped top- hand me over from my sister
jeans- kohls
blue flats- my sister again
necklace- lisa leonard

spinner's 40th birthday surprise 1970's rave

Partridge Family suede top- my m.i.l.'s costume closet.
white top- kohls
skinny jeans {in place of fishnet stockings}- old navy
boots- on line some where 
yellow purse- borrowed without permission from my m.i.l.

emilie is rocking the hippie look with her sign protesting spinner's birthday.
noah looks like he walked out of an episode of The Wonder Years.
good times.


Kathleen said...

um, your costumes=fabulous!!! Adorable, love it!

Yeah, WIWW is awkward, especially when you explain it to people who don't have a clue about it. Then it's uber awkward. But the fun outweighs the awkwardness, so bring it!

I Sew Lucky said...

So cute! Your kids are darling:)

Linda Z said...

You look adorable whether you are in your I Love Lucy pajamas or dressed in your cute clothes!!

Love the costumes! You totally remind me of Marlo Thomas or Mary Tyler Moore! :)

hannah singer said...

love that green top! and the costumes PERFECT.

miss you xo

hannah singer said...

also perfect? your jammies. love!

Spencer's said...

Love the 70's outfits! Too cute:)

{cuppakim} said...

i adore your 70's outfit. you look like you could sing with the brady bunch too!

you look like you stepped right out of an episode or something!

your kids are too cute. love the protest of the birthday!

{april kennedy} said...

so love that green and navy together!! you look darling in front of the camera...and's awkward huh?!

Denissa said...

You are adorable!!! And I couldn't agree with you MORE about wiww being uncomfortable & awkward. I want your jammies! :)

Renee said...

But your jammies are so cute!

I love the gray boots, skinny jeans, gray top and scarf. Very classy and stylish. You rock it, Denise. :)

Savvy Southern Style said...

You are adorable and so are your outfits!

Jessica Johnson said...

you are cute. even in your PJ's.

deb colarossi said...

you just made my day.

shadylanestyle said...

Cute. Call me crazy but I like the suede "70's" top, especially the color.

Tamera Beardsley said...

You're adorable... I share your sentiments on the style 'nudge of WIWW'.

Ashley said...

i love your style! and i love the green:) thanks for sharin!

Leslie @ top of the page said...

skinny jeans plus boots always make me feel better too. like i still have some bit of swagger left in me :) all very cute. and i love your kids' names btw.

Genn said...

you are too cute denise! my fav pic is of you in your jammies smiling so big. :)

lori said...

i loveee that green top with the stripes underneath! soooo cute.

Object of Maya*ffection said...

Love the scarf and the green jacket! I agree, vogue-ing is hard for me too (altho some make it look so easy)

Kristen said...

i love love love the 70's costumes. awesome.

so i tried on skinny jeans on old navy. or at least i tried to try on skinny jeans at old navy. know the problem? same problem i have with wearing tall boots - its called extremely large calves. ugh! i tried. i tried to get over my dislike of the skinny jeans on me. maybe they may a skinny jean with extra large calves :o)