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Sunday, November 23, 2008

does your child give you "the look?"

bedtime conversation

me: i remember the first time you told me you loved me.

noah: you do?

me: yep! it was a thursday

noah: how old was i?

me: 4 days old.

noah: (laughs, sighs) mommy.

me: you did, you told me you loved me. i remember every detail.

noah: where were you?

me: at our old house in bass lake. i was sitting on the couch, holding you. i was looking at you, and thinking about how i loved you. then you looked at me, and i knew. you said it by the way you looked at me, "i love you!" and i looked at you, then said, "i know, i love you too!"

noah: i know what you mean, it was in the look. i know what look your talking about, the look.

me: yes, the look. You really know what look i'm talking about?

noah: yes, i really know! in the look i give you and the look you give me.

me: the i love you look.

noah: yes, that look.

me: just like the look your giving me now.

noah: yes.

conversation ends in hugs, kisses, and more of the look!

i don't know what it is, but this boy has taken hold of my heart, and melted me.
he just looks at me and i know that i am loved. how sweet it is to be loved by noah.

tell me, does your child give you the look?


Chad Markley said...

Hey Denise!

Thx for the comment on my blog. That was way cool!

I sent you an email re: leading worship over Memorial Day at your church but didn't hear back.

I think it is a great idea and Sarah and I both think it would be cool for our families to meet. Can you send me some more info regarding the event and what all it entails?

chad at markleytech dot com


Shirin said...

That's just beautiful. I've got one that loves with his eyes. One that loves with hugs. And one that loves with hugs, eyes and lots of lots of words. I love that my children find me lovable. To be loved that way is extraordinary and precious and priceless.

mama holly said...

this brought me to tears

i love the way you see the details

Linda Z said...

Soooo sweet! :)

Eve said...

Yes my daughter has always been very giving with "the look" and with hugs but now we have just entered teenage years and "the look" is less frequent now and I'm having a little no a lot of withdrawal.

I cherish each and every "look" and hug with a new appreciation.

Alana said...

I just love that post. And I just love "that look" as well.

Kristen said...

so sweet. that noah is such a handsome boy with a tender loving heart. do you support arranged marriages neighbor?