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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

live passionately!

What are you passionate about?

i am passionate about my children living in God's love and truth. i am also passionate about worship and community.

i am desperate for my kids to KNOW God. when scripture comes alive to them i am thrilled! when they experience his tangible love i am overjoyed! God has been my rescue and love, i want nothing more than for them to KNOW Him.

my inmost being soars when i praise God. i am known, restored, loved, and where "i was blind i can now see" when i am in the presence of our holy God. i long for the body to enter into worship.

i HEART community, and people. i love to hear your stories. i look forward to heaven, and for time to sit and listen to every detail of all your stories written by God. don't leave anything out! i want to hear how He redeemed, loved, provided, came near! i believe God desires for us to be intimate with each other, to share in His body, with each other. i believe this brings Him great joy and blessing! i believe it brings God our Father great joy to see his children; dance, sing, share, laugh, and embrace each other.

i am passionate about making this happen, glorifying my Father in this way.
one way God has allowed me to do this is through the Harvest Celebration at our church (
another is the Feast of Tents).

Here is a video highlighting this years Harvest Celebration.

i encourage you to be passionate people! don't let satan blow out your passion, or hide it under a bushel, shine it out! that light inside you for the world to see. BE A CITY ON A HILL! do what it is you were created to do. the body needs you to be the arms and legs, hands, feet, eyes, ears... you were designed to be.
now go be passionate! if you don't we'll come after you!

and a big, yee haw, yip yip yip, THANK YOU to the do-si-do'n, awesome ladies who helped put this event together! AND thank you to all the workers who served. what are you doing next november :-)


Thea Nelson said...

Denise, AMEN. I so understand your heart for your children to know and love God. I am desperate for that in our own home. I simply don't care about so much this world says we need, but THIS I would die for. Blessings over you and Michael--your children will see truth in your lives and want to know what (WHO) it's all about!

Sarah Markley said...

how beautifully fun this looks! =)

Shirin said...

We are SO cute! I even look cute with a hat falling off my head! Can I be Jacklyn Smith or do I have to be the other brunette?

Shannon said...

Cute blog! Thanks for stopping by mine.

Great post!

Linda Z said...

This has been a very encouraging post, Denise. Thank you! I'm passionate about learning and teaching God's Word, worshiping in song and otherwise, and helping others use their gifts for His glory.

I absolutely love looking at your fun party!! So neat to see all generations having a great time together!! And to see you put your passion for community to work! :)

Leah in Iowa said...

Looks like you all had a great time. I loved seeing your photos - all the way down your blog. I had a great visit here, and will come back another day!

I just wanted to swing by and sneak a peek at your Giving Thanks list. You are one wonderfully blessed gal! Hopefully every participant will realize that this month.

Have a great Thanksgiving!

~ Leah