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Sunday, November 2, 2008

michael and denise wannabe's

THANK YOU Sheffie and Julie for having us at your hAlLOweEn PaRTy!
here are some fun halloween pics.
a teeny bopper, american sailor, and michael in 1992 (uh huh sheffie and julie went dressed as michael and i in high school!)
lucy and next years ethel! (julie is dressed up as me in high school. i never looked that good. she is missing my terribly high bangs, but oh how i loved her pleated pants, and these plastic bracelets!)
lucy in paris with "marie"
a hippy chic and a referee
karim abdul jabar, the tin man, a rubix cube, and a teeny bopper.
josie is "the fairest of them all"
michael and emilie are "gonna rock around the clock to night"
dorothy, lucy, ricky, and the tin manlucy, with "that 70's show," a busy robot, and a denise teodosio wannabe :-)
when we got home, i made michael take pics of me by the piano.. because I LOVE LUCY!
and because it will be a very long time before i get to wear false eyelashes and red lipstick again.


Linda Z said...

Great pics!! You made an excellent Lucy! :) I love the B&W by the piano and adore the one of you and your little Ricky... that needs to be framed forever!

I was Lucy last night, but I did not look as good as you! And it took 2 shampoos and moping the floor about 9 times to get the orange out of my hair and the bathroom floor.

Thea Nelson said...

LOVE your costumes--you and Noah are SO cute as Lucy and Ricky! What amazing memories you're creating with your beautiful family. :)

Shirin said...

I need to make a list of reasons to wear false eyelashes because, quite frankly, you were just too fun in them! Plus life is too short to not wear false eyelashes, high heels and red lipstick! Don't ya think?

Sarah Markley said...

i love your super serious face and that last pic is GORGEOUS!!! =)

Anonymous said...

I love the costumes!! The kids look great, especially little Ricky, and your Lucy costume is phenomenal. We are big I Love Lucy fans in our house… Has your hubby been working out?? He’s looking a little beefier…

Kristen said...

i love that picture of you by the piano - gorgeous!

great pictures - looks like a very fun night.

can morgan borrow emilie's 50's costume for next year neighbor? :o)

Stephanie said...

I love that last one of you by the piano. You make a great Lucy!