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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

i like cake pops and i cannot lie, that's somethin' i can't deny...

yesterday i ventured out of blogville and drove 2.5 hrs 
to somewhereville, ca. 
for a blog friend meet-up!!!  

my real people {non-bloggers} were a little concerned 
that i was traveling to a foreign town 
to, in their opinion, meet strangers. 
however, we bloggers KNOW they weren't strangers, but beloved friends {*hopefully*}.
still, they cautioned me to be careful.
{i had my pepper-spray on hand just in case...just kidding... maybe i should have}.

i don't need to tell you that i was crazy nervous! 
 wouldn't you be?
{you know you would be. just go ahead and admit it.  
if you really wouldn't be nervous then i want some of whatever your on}.
as usual all my nerves subsided the moment i saw and was embraced by my friends!!


 left {around the table} to right:
kim, mel, keri, me, wendy, and jess

we had a FABULOUS time together!
each one of these girls was even MORE BEAUTIFUL {inside & out} in person
than in blogville {i didn't think that was possible}.
being with them was an ABSOLUTE JOY!

i asked my husband before i left if i should vlog the meet-up. 
his response was, "NO!"
we both agreed that a completely different denise comes out when the video camera is on
{need proof?  pop yourself a large bowl of popcorn and visit here, here, 
here, here, and here}!
i certainly did not want to scare these girls away.
 after dinner when we arrived at our desert destination, 
kim mentioned a vlog of mine that she had recently viewed...
"SHOULD I VLOG NOW?" i asked,
and without waiting for the answer the camera was out...and so was i!!!
you're welcome. 
 you know what happens if you give denise a video-camera...
she'll vlog all sorts of video non-sense.

here we are later hang'n at wendy's casa.

saying goodbye wasn't too gut-wrenching because
there are only
46 days, 2hrs, and 2minutes till i see these girls again at blog sugar!!!
{but who's counting}

have any of your blog friends become real life friends? 
who would you most like to meet {other than me, of course}? 


{cuppakim} said...


Please tell your husband that
I LOVE vlogging denise.

Vlogs on Victory Road.


I am pretty sure the cinematography when you are trying the cake pop is OSCAR award winning.

Poor J-Lo. She gets such a bad booty rap.

I am SO happy we only have 46 days til our REUNION! :)

PS I tweeted the link to your post - since you wont!

{cuppakim} said...

ps i totally want to print and frame that cute little picture.

and how come everybody else is tan but me? wasn't i lounging in the desert the last four days....oh yes. i the shade.

Simply Sara said...

um. let me just whisper something to ya.....

you are RAD!!!!!

yup, i think you super cool.
and i agree. vlogging denise is super fun.

i miss you!

p.s i've never had a cake pop either. you ate it so nicely. i would have stuck the whole thing in my mouth and then been embarrassed afterwards. phew. now i know how to eat one properly. dogged a bullet there. thank you friend :)

hannah singer said...

oh. my. word.
denise, you need a tv show.
at least a vlog show.

what a fun night!! WOW!
y'all are adorable and hilarious!

pretty sure i might die from meeting these champion bloggers, like you, at blog sugar.


forever folding laundry said...

You are pretty much
the funniest person.
I'm sure Coldstone has never
had such awesomeness invade
their store before.

So glad I got to meet you.
See you in 46 days!!
Hope there will be cake pops.


Jessica Johnson said...

DYING. i'm dying. i hate being on video. HATE. but you make it fun. I think you need to rename: Vlogtory Road. But leave me out. Thanks. LOVE you. Bye.

Tasha said...

You are so awesome. Seriously. Hands down I love you. And vlog you is awesome. But, really you as a whole is awesomeness. (You really are someone I would love to meet. So wish I was going to blog Sugar. It is right in my hometown backyard too....) Thanks for always making me come away happy after reading your blog

Jennifer @ Studio JRU said...

Oh my gosh... that is great! You are too fun Denise! :)

formerly known as emj said...

Denise you are hilarious! Can't wait to meet at blog sugar :)

Linda Z said...

Apparently everyone (including me) wants to meet you! You are so popular! :) And I love you vlogs. :)

mel @ the larson lingo said...

You rock.
Thank you for not pepper spraying me last night in the car.
Your vlogs are the best.
You were "normal" at dinner.
Then, you busted out the video camera & things got a little crazy.
I loved it.
Crazy Vlogging Denise needs to come out more often!
Can't wait to see you again in 42 days!

Lisa said...

What a great idea!

Kathleen said...

oh, this looks like such a blast!!!

Blog friends are real friends, even better when they come from behind the screen and become face friends. If I ever get out to the west coast again there will be just wait (like yeah, you'll have to wait- a long while) it will be fab.

TDM Wendy said...

Just watched this with my daughter and she said "Why is she so funny?"
Loved you. And your serious side too.
And not everyone is going to Blog Sugar so yes, you will have to deal with some grieving.

Tegan Aubrie | Twelve13 said...

This is absolutely hilarious. :) I don't know what's funnier, the video or the comments below this post. :)