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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

house tour~ family room

welcome to our family room
{which is caddy-corner from our living room}
i love suitcases!
{you'll see a few more throughout the house}
they are decorative and so useful at helping me keep things tidy.
individual suitcases store; blankets, dvds, wii games & controllers,  c.d.'s, 
school supplies, dress-up clothes, puppets, 
and hair accessories.

the hope-chest above is josie's {her 1st b-day present. we give lifelong gifts for 1st birthday}
it was made by michael's favorite childhood teacher/principal, mr. shennan. 
it contains baby keepsakes & my wedding dress. 
someday it will house josie's children's baby keepsakes and her wedding dress
{i promise, josie!} 

pictures are my favorite form of artwork. 
seeing our entire family on the family room wall is a daily blessing. 

red phone. oh how i love pops of red!

you'll notice the same print of the family room rug in another room in a few days
{flores, by potter barn}

the amoire was a wedding gift from michael's parents...
it was made by his dad!!

it stores the t.v. & such, as well as books, family games, and other treasures...
when noah & emilie were little the bottom shelf was filled with their toys,
that is until they shoved them aside and crawled in beside them.
{emilie 9 months old in the amoire. awe, sweet memories}.

the red doll on the bottom left was a gift to me from my dad.

i hope this amoire will be a family heirloom that my children and grandchildren will treasure.

do you have family heirlooms in your home?
what treasures do you have from your childhood?
what pop of color do you have/like in your home?

see you tomorrow in the kitchen!


Linda Z said...

I can't sleep... grrr. So instead I am taking a lovely tour of your home. :)

Suitcases = key to organization? I'm thinking I need some suitcases! :)

I love your homemade furniture and the fact that Josie will get to have that very special chest someday. Now I am so curious as to what Noah and Emilie's special gifts were! :)

I do have some special heirlooms and things from childhood... I will have to do a tour of my own someday!

Suzanne said...

Sweet 9 month memory! We just painted our kitchen, the same yellow as your living room? Hmm...

Thanks for the tour!

Kathleen said...

I love the idea of meaningful first birthday gifts. What a beautiful treasure to hand down (and it's functional).

Lisa said...

Where do you find those suitcases? I've been looking everywhere!

hannah singer said...

love this room, too! i really wanna come over!
the suitcases are fun and functional! love.

and we pop with red and teal/aquas here. most of our things are second hand and totally mismatched. we make it work for us.
our only heirloom piece is my great grands cherry hutch. i adore it. it holds sweet little things on top and serveware in the cupboards;)

xo happy tuesday, cute stuff! xo

Gina said...

I love those pops of red, we have pops of turquoise and blue in our house. And I think the most important family heirloom is a peanut candy dish that was my grandmas. It's silly I know, but holds lots of memories!

I love the suitcases in your room, they're cute and fun!

{cuppakim} said...

baby in an armoire, WHAT!?!? i die.

and hope chest is pure awesome.

i got one 19th? 17th? 18th? birthday.
it isn't the stain i would have chosen. but i love it.

its kinda "old school" you know? none of my friends have them. but it's one of those things you have for LIFE.

love that your girls have them too.

and PERSONALIZED. Amazing.