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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

MAUI, part 3

 i'm wrapping up our maui trip {finally}

6 months ago while watching "the best thing i ever ate" on the food network
chef curtis stone shared his favorite snack-
fish tacos from the paia fish market in paia, maui. 
since veiwing the episode i have told michael numerous times i was taking him there
to eat the "best fish tacos" curtis stone ever ate.
this is very generous of me because i hate fish...
fish in water, out of water,
fish scent in the air,
fish still on the breath,
the game "go-fish,"
{i'm kidding, who doesn't like to woop some booty with the game "go fish"}

however,  because curtis sang the praises of these tacos  
i decided to find out for myself.
they're not
{maybe you shouldn't take my word for it}.

i'd like to suggest that next time chef curtis stone is in paia, maui
he take a few more steps across the street to

to sample 
the best nachos i ever ate!
they were out of this world DELICIOUS! 
{and no diane, i did not share them}.   

now, to conclude these maui posts i leave you with
a collage of pix which i have not yet shared from our maui adventure
{because i know you want to see them're welcome}.

l-r  row 1: blow hole sign, big beach,  a scoop of vanilla ice cream covered in strawberry shaved ice, surf boards 
l-r row 2: bird on a horse, hana church, coconut milk,  lunch. 
l-r row 3:  sharing shaved ice, coconuts, michael trying to find his cup coconut size, itty bitty pineapple. 
l-r row 4: raw ahi ({gag}, bowl,  s.i.l and i on big beach, not sharing the shaved ice. 



{cuppakim} said...

oh my gosh.
i totally have a no fish policy as well.

specifically shellfish.
spiders of the sea, right?

i will occasionally eat white fish.
and i probably would have tried those tacos.

but now you have saved me the trouble.

and this big beach business. i did NOT go there last time i was in maui.

i guess i need to book my flight now.

and UMMM....word is we are becoming real life friends tonight?!?

Queen of the Nook said...

I love each of these Maui posts. Matt and I were married in Kaanapali at the Old Airport Beach seven years ago in October! Hopefully for my tenth anniversary we can go back. So beautiful and details God's gifts to us in abundance. But especially the one of your marriage to Michael!

Jessica Johnson said...

i, too hate everything from the sea. except for shrimp. and crab (but only in cake form) real crab? GAAAG.

and we were in maui in january. and i took the cutest little picture of that paia town. on our way to mama's fish house. did you eat there? DE-LISH. but ridiculously expensive. but worth it. once.

is it 7 yet? ;)

Linda Z said...

You would hate my diet... I have to eat fish 3 times a day some days. :P

Isn't shaved ice the best?? So yummy and refreshing in tropical weather.

Paige said...

oh...I hate, hate hate fish. hate. yes, hate.

fish=hate nachos=love

I love your pictures. I think Michael in the coconut bra should go on your Christmas card! :)

Love you girl! School starts tomorrow here...double gag!
(sad I said that out loud since I am the teacher! HA!) Don't you wish your kids could have me as a teacher?? LOL


hannah singer said...

such a fish hater! i like fish many ways, but not fish tacos. blech.

anyways. LOVE your final post, the nachos look amazing, and i want that shaved ice!


Simply Sara said...

the thought of fish tacos makes me want to gag.

your nachos look MUCH better ;)

i am green with maui jealousy.
love all your pictures!