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Monday, August 8, 2011

"Oreo, no you di'int!"

i interrupt the regularly scheduled blog-programming {maui- part 3}
with a delicious bit of temptation...

i discovered this recipe on pinterest 
{which i am just now learning my way around}
the other day, 
and exclaimed "oreo, no you di'int!" 
{i also attempted the snap, snap, snap/ head movementy thing while saying that...
i desperately need a swagger 101 course}.

i knew immediately that i HAD to make and sink my sweet tooth teeth into my own.

mine was served with a cold glass of lactose free milk for the lacatarded.
happy eating!


Lisa said...

You did it! :) I have this pinned waiting to try...

Jules said...

Your cookies have a tumor, but I'll eat them anyway.

Jessica Johnson said...

um. you had better bring leftovers tonight. i can't believe i am seeing you tonight!!! WOO HOO!!!!

hannah singer said...

amazing. but not sure if i love you or hate you for posting these:)