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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

hit the ground running

why i've been m.i.a. since returning from maui:
the warning light for our brakes greeted us when we arrived in cali. 
$217.00 later the brakes are fixed!
{thankfully this was relatively cheap}.

while we were in maui we signed and overnighted papers to close escrow on our house
{more news on that later, but what a blessing!}
when we arrived home the papers needed to be redrawn and resigned.
it's official we're no longer home owners!

the kids came home from 12 days at camp,
bringing with them 12 days x 3 kids of laundry. 
even mable {emilie's cow}
had to take a trip though the whirlpool. 
needless to say, the kids have had so much to tell me about their adventures at camp;
josie wore here pink tutu every day, 
noah climbed the high-ropes-course, 
and emilie hiked half-dome {20 mile round trip}! 
i've been a bit consumed by them... and that's a good thing. 

 finally, i was wrapping up the details for
a party thrown by my cousins and i for  
our grandmother and 5 aunts.
it took place this past sunday.
it's been 50 years since they
{along with my dad and grandfather}
arrived from flores, azores.
the party was THE BEST!
{more on that later, too}

 this week it's more back-to-life-back-to-reality
with work to do for my little job, 
curriculum to plan and order for the new home-school year,
and boxes to pack, 
oh, and just the small detail of finding a home {ahhhh!!!}

oh, how i miss vacation.
view directly outside our room in kahana, maui.  
{lots more on maui still to come}.

what's is your plate full with this week? 


Linda Z said...

Your life is so very full and beautiful! Can't wait to see Maui pics and find out where you are moving. I still say the Central Coast would be best for you. :)

hannah singer said...

sounds like the very best kind of busy!
i am avoiding laundry...playing outside and eating freeze pops with my toddler.
i work so hard;)


Paige said...

you sold your house? I missed that somewhere along the way...are moving towns or just homes?

can't wait to see more maui pics and oh how I feel for your laundry load.


{cuppakim} said...

that much laundry makes me scared for you.

let us know if you make it out alive.

and the welcome to america party sounds AWESOME. i'm SO looking forward to hearing more about that.

and the azores. can you tell us about that too, like your family being from there. sounds gorgeous.

Jennifer @ Studio JRU said...

Congratulations on selling the house! Consumed by the kids... definitely a good thing. Sounds like they have all kinds of fun to tell you about. Looking forward to hearing and seeing all about the party and Hawaii! :)

Lynn said...

WOW!!! Big stuff!!! We've got similar stuff happening around here. I haven't blogged about it much yet...still a bit overwhelmed. Are you moving far? Closer to me? ;o)