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Friday, July 29, 2011

thw world's greatest campers

it's been 12 days since i've seen my 3 wacky, wonderful kids!

they have been at 
"the home of the world's greatest campers" 
and i have missed them!

 one evening during our trip to maui, as michael was praying,
he prayed these words for our kids,
" even though we're missing them we know they're not missing You."
i know that just as the time with michael in maui caused me to burst with love for him, 
these 12 days at camp for the kids has greatly expanded their love for jesus

...and in just 1 hour i get to see them bursting at the heart seams!
i can't wait.

here's a little video i had the kids make me as we drove to camp.
the first snippet shows that they are just a little excited for camp. :-)
the second snippet is a song we sing to each other. 
{i watched these videos a handful of times while i was away from them}.

thank you to nana & gramps, who helped make going to camp and maui possible!


Gina said...

ahhhh, now I'm missing my kiddos....that video is just awesome!

so glad you had an awesome time, so glad you fell in love (again!), so glad for you.

praying that your transition to reality and life at home is smooth!

Unknown said...

I just started following your blog. What a lovely family you have! I've been looking for summer camp for my kiddos. The camp that your children attended sure sounds like a lot of fun. I sure would like to know more about this camp. Would you mind forwarding the information to (My blog isn't set up yet). Thank you so much!

denise said...

That song just brought the biggest smile to my face. No wonder you watched it while they were away from you!

P.S. I think your kids must be a lot like their mama: the best.

Simply Sara said...

ahhh your family has a song?!
you are the cutest!!!

Linda Z said...

That just made me smile!! :)

We totally sing that "I love you so much" song, too... or at least I sing it to my kids while they tolerate me kissing their hair! :)

Your kids are so precious, Denise!! :)

Jami said...

What a blessing! sweet video!