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Saturday, July 2, 2011

summer fun~ the supersentimentalsappy edition.

we are crossing things off our Summer Fun list,
and adding more fun to it
one FUN week at a time.

we've been in the valley visiting family and old friends.

our first top was a visit with my good friend jeff, his darling family,  
his car~
the kids got their first convertible car ride in ginger. 
{jealous.  you might recall i have a bit of an old car obsession}


next we visited and stayed with my sister, "toni bologna full of macaroni" 
{she lovvvvveeesss it when i call her that}.
the kids enjoyed playing with their younger cousins.
 {how DARLING are these pix i snapped of their family!}

we took our pvc pipes from home for some sprinkler fun at their casa.
my nephews were wowed by the sprinklers, especially when i brought out the shaving cream!

during our stay we to got to see the movie Cars with my nephews.
i get a kick out of watching the excitment of 
little people at the theater! 
getting to experience this with my nephews was a rare treat. 

we mountain folks can only take so much of the valley and it's 104 temps.
so the kids and i escaped for a day and and took a little excursion to Pinecrest Lake 
{where it was 82 degrees. much better}.
there we tackled a 4.5 mile hike around the lake
followed by a bit of paddle-boating. 
as noah, emilie, josie, and i were leisurely paddeling around the lake 
noah looked at me and sweetly said , "this has been a good day."
i thought so too... a very good day. 
how i adore my kids and cherish all the memories we make together!

{is emilie tall or what !?! my premie is definitely not a premie anymore!}
as we headed back to the valley we made a pit-stop
 at JimTown Frosty for some ice cream!
my mom use to do this with my sister and i when we were young.
we HAD to stop.
it's tradition.

during our valley visit i had the JOY! JOY! JOY! 
of visiting with my bf from jr. high, julie 
{or "j" as i refer to her}
 {"j" and i. our kids- our girls are now the same age we were when we met. crazy}

julie has lived on the other side of the world in virgina for 15yrs {blah}
{the other side of the world is a meany for stealing her}. 
if i'm lucky i get to see julie once a year {double blah}. 
this year i was lucky!

julie knows i am supersentimentalsappy.
so she wasn't at all surprised when i  drove through our old stomping grounds 
while blasting tunes from 1986.
"i wanna be a cowboy and you can be my cowgirl... 
yippee yippee yi, yippee yi yo yo."
{we are from the "cowboy capitol of the world" so this song is totally appropriate}
here we are at the old Oakdale Jr. High School
we met in 1986 in Mrs. Rowland's Music/Drama class. 
in 86' julie totally rocked the skater look
{her bangs were longer  post pictures}
while i attempted  to 
soar into jr. high popularity with my feathers
{obviously i failed}.
next we headed over to good ol' Oakdale High School.
 {we were attempting to get jumping pictures, but gravity wouldn't let us}

oh, the memories!
"there's fungus among us,"  homecomings, drama with mr. oksen, dance with ms. usher, 
crushes on boys, spiral perms, guess jeans, keds, tanning lotions that turned us orange,
sweet 16's, her pink vw bug, my red 65' ford falcon
catering on the weekends, Hume Lake,
 Gilmans, ice blocking, prom, graduation class of 91'...
it's hard to believe that was 20YEARS ago!!!
we still look 18 &
17, don't we?!?
i'd like to thank~
oil of olay, for helping me keep the "olay" in my "lower upper 30's,"
my hairdresser who hides my "crown of splendor,"
 my sunglasses which cover a multitude of sins wrinkles, 
and picnik's {where i edit my photos for blogville} 
airbrush, wrinkle remover, and insta-slim options
{your welcome, now you know all my little secrets}.

here's a flash back to 1989
Michael Damian's Rock On video


Anonymous said...

This post is just happy fun, Denise. Love every bit of it. Looks like you are having a wonderful summer. :)

Thea Nelson said...

Oh my word--where to begin??? First, Jimtown Frosty? MEMORIES! Also, it warmed my heart to see the Hayes're lucky to see them, and they're lucky to see you!! I love the way you've been so intentional about your summer. It's been a joy to see all the fun things you've done!

Linda Z said...

What a fantastic summer you are having! I love the car... and that her name is Ginger! And I love seeing you have such fun with your bestie! Your Jr. High feathers are awesome! :) Happy 4th!

Jessica Johnson said...
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Jessica Johnson said...

LOVE Pinecrest. We used to go there all the time. And HUME!!!! Went every summer from 90-on. What if we were there together? Joel Weldon led worship. He kind of looked like Michael Damian. Mullet and all. So many of my favorite memories.

Kristen said...


i am waiting for landon to get his reading done so we can go see cars 2. was it good??