To Read on the Journey

Thursday, July 28, 2011


i’m sitting on a plane somewhere over the pacific ocean 
between maui~ our honeymooniversary
and cali~ back-to-life-back-to-reality.
the laptop sits blank page before me. 
i'm ready to type i-don’t-know-what, but get words on a page.  
i place the earphones in my sun-kissed ears,
select i-tunes, 
"denise’s reflective songs" list,
and shuffle.  
the song begins.
i smile, think of course 
it is our song,
our anthem,
“fly” by sara groves. 
it is fitting. 
michael sits beside me, eyes closed.
i inhale and exhale the lyrics... my life.
i  replay it again and again.

"speak in a summer tone
pause in the afterglow
tenderly whisper my name
tell me once again 
why i am your bride
so i can fly
so i can fly..."

i increase with love for him with each word. 
i have increased with love for him so much over the past 9 days  
i think i might burst!
i asked him earlier this week,
“do you think when we go away together we intend to fall in love again?”
with certainty he replied, “ABSOLUTELY.” 

it is unspoken, 
but we both know we are leaving the weight of the world
stealing what is rightfully ours
~the other.

living every moment solely to replenish US. 
 we intentionally release our grips on the ordinary,
and fall
into the
we are to each other.  
and here on the plane
with maui behind us 
and reality ahead of us,
i look at him
and think,
i miss him already. 
and i'm counting the days until we can steal away and fall for each other again.  


Anonymous said...

I'm a teeny bit jealous of your time away. Yay for stealing away with one another. Yay for falling in love with one another over and over. It definitely is better every time. :)

Queen of the Nook said...

So lovely. So pure and true.

Jeanette said...

aww that is written so well. it definitely takes those moments away to rekindle and fall again. speaking of, the Nerd and I need some of that time something fierce. hmmm, I'll have to plant the bug in his ear tonight...

Jennifer @ Studio JRU said...

Aww... that is so sweet!! Welcome home. I am so happy to hear you had such an amazing time together. What a wonderful gift! ♥

{cuppakim} said...

this post is SO sweet.
i love how in love you guys are. :) thanks for sharing a little romance with the world :)

Linda Z said...

You 2 are adorable! So glad you had such an amazing, connecting time!

Lisa said...

Awesome! We need Maui tips! I've never been & we'd love to go.

Paige said...

Awesome! I love the way you put those tender thoughts into words. Thankful for you that you got time to steal away and fall in love again!



deb colarossi said...

I am so happy that you were able to do this!! You just ooze happy love.

And you expressed this so well, Denise. Exactly why I've been pining to get away... it's long overdue :)

Tasha said...

That is the sweetest post. I love all the adorable pictures of you two together on the trip too. You look like you are falling in love again. I love it.

mel @ the larson lingo said...

This is so great. So glad your honeymoonaversary was awesome. We have our 10 year next summer & I can't wait to plan our trip away!

hannah singer said...

this is beautiful. y'all are so sweet! praise jesus!

denise said...

Perfect. The pictures said it all.

Simply Sara said...

i am glad you have fallen again- you two make my heart happy.

and i'm so gald you had such a wonderful alone together trip.

but i'm also glad your home- i miss you!


Simply Sara said...

p.s i'm not gald- i'm glad! ;) ;)

Jessica Johnson said...

ok serious?? you are gorgeous! happy anniversary. happy maui. happy everything. i think you need to make another trip. solo. to danville on august 9. ok bye.