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Sunday, July 17, 2011

knee-highs in july

why am i wearing knee highs in july? 
because the small kid's toy 
at my bed side this morning 
that i kicked with my foot
was NOT a small kid's toy...

it was a MOUSE! 

{a half-dead mouse}

i shrieked!
jumped onto the bed,
hurdled michael
{who was now no longer sleeping}
to get to the other side of the bed
and as far away from the imposter as possible, 
and cried, "mouse! mouse!"
half-awake, michael asked, 
"what do you want me to do?"  
{are you kidding me!?!
save me!}
"get it out!" i pouted. 

still dozy, he asked, "how?"
i pushed my fears aside and came up with a rescue plan.
i took the pillow case off his pillow, 
threw it at him,   
and told him to use it to retrieve the revolting rodent.
without anymore hesitation 
{because i was full on freaking out and begging him to remove my tormentor}
my knight in shining boxers
saved his damsel in distress
from her fierce enemy.
so why am i wearing knee-highs in july? 
because i will never EVER go barefoot AGAIN! 

{can you guess which child picked out my socks for me?}


{cuppakim} said...


i'm so with you. keep those socks on. maybe some shoes too.

i would DIE.

~melodius~ said...

Oh my gosh haha. Eeeeewwwwww!!!

Leslie @ top of the page said...

i am waaay too familiar with mice in the house. and in the oven, in the garbage can, in my bedroom, and in my walls. so i can confidently say it is almost one of the worst things ever. yes, once i opened my oven and one was standing there looking at me. but i have yet to squash one with my foot. that's really gross.

Linda Z said...

Shudddder! Can you send Michael to find the huge spider that is on the loose in my closet?? :)

Alana said...

We had mice when we lived in still gives me nightmares! Nice socks. :-)