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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

another week of wiww

linking up with "lindsey bug"
for another edition of wiww!
pleated poppy

wiw to visit a friend 
pants~ h&m
necklace~ gift from m.i.l. when they took us to zewatinaho, mexico
rings~ left hand wedding rings & ring with  caleb's name engraved inside
right hand, 3 rings with noah, emilie & josie's names engraved inside.
{i'm supersentimentalsappy}

wiw to church
dress~ gap
belt- maurices
sandals~ old navy

wiw to celebrate the 4th of July 
top~ hand me over from my sister
red petal pusher~ the pleated poppy
jeans~ kohls
shoes~ another hand me over from my lit'l sister
josie- in her new outfit from who else but my sister
{we'd be naked if it wasn't for her}.

does anyone bless your wardrobe with their "hand me overs?"


Linda Z said...

I'll take hand me downs from anyone!! :) I love that you are so sweet and sentimental. And I love your adorable church dress...such a perfect LBD! :)

Kathleen said...

Hand-me-downs are amazing and end up being some of the most cherished pieces in my wardrobe. Every year a friend of ours hosts a classy clothing swap and it is always a gratifying day of gathering treasures.

Lovin' your rings,especially the right hand ones. I just love that idea.

Linda Z said...

Um... look who's talking about thinness, Ms. Skinny Pants!

The only reason I lost 12 pounds is because I can't eat anything fun... I would much rather eat s'mores all summer. I'm trying to dress cute so I don't cry about food! :)

simona said...

i like the way you put up your hair!
rings with the name of your mate engraved are the common way of a wedding band in germany, i've always loved that. having rings with your kids names is an awesome idea, have not heard about it yet.

Cami @ All Things Lovely said...

the dress you wore to church is DARLING! I love it

Brassy Blossom said...

Thanks Denise for stopping by my blog! :)

Love the black dress. It's so cute!

Simply Sara said...

i love your rings (with the kids names) and what you plan to do with them. i so love your mama heart.

that church dress needs to be a hand me over to ME!

i think you have got to be the cutest thing eva!

i heart you a lot.

Sonya said...

Love the navy dress you wore to church! Cute!

Meredith said...

haha, my entire wardrobe is either freepiled, swapped, thrifted or hand me downs. love it! ;)

southernscraps said...

Love your church dress! I'll take hand me overs any day.

Monica Whitney said...

Oh my goodness. I love that striped shirt. And, I love that you would wear a green crayola crayon costume! That is the best thing I have ever heard!

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Suzanne said...

Oh you are so cute in those outfits! I keep saying I'm going to do a WIWW, but have yet to do it!

sarah beth said...

thanks for stopping by! (: all of your sandals and shoes are so cute!!

Alana said...

You are too cute and sooo skinny! I would never shred or rip if I looked like you ;-)

Kristen said...

i love the black dress... super cute!