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Wednesday, June 29, 2011


random + reality= randomality
caution: this post is a lot of random 
from my reality.
here i go...

we took emilie and noah to youth group this week for the first time.  youth group...for JR.HIGHERS!!!  michael and i deserve some sort of emmy for playing the part of grown-ups and taking our babies {who are officially 7th & 8th graders} to youth group!   we totally rocked our roles! we were calm, cool, collected...on the outside anyway.  on the inside we were all 
when did this happen!?!
we're way too young to have jr. highers!
we were   i was thinking of cher's lyrics  
"if i could turn back time, if i could find a way." 
but the kids had no idea we were wigging out...i think.  we picked them up 3 hours later and  emilie was all, "that was awesome" and noah was like "it was coolawesious" {a combo of cool, awesome, and righteous. noah creates words.. i wonder where he gets it from}. so youth group was like totally tubular and we're like totally gonna take them back like next week like for sure {just getting in touch with my inner jr. higher from 1987}.

while the big kids {gasp} were doing their teenagery stuff we took josie to a farmer's market.  i thoroughly enjoy people watching, food smelling, and yogurtland {conveniently located near the farmer's market} eating. watching a man paint with is hands and feet was surprisingly moving and beautiful.  the farmer's market will most definitely be seeing us again.

my kids have been enjoying the Summer Fun list we created, that is when they're not watching something on netflix streamed through the wii {to the person who created netflix streamed through wii, THANK YOU!}  i guess i should have added the Dick Van Dyke Show  to our Summer Fun list.
a few summers ago i would have been all 'i'm a horrible mother for letting my kids watch t.v. and not be fully productive,' now i'm totally over feeling like a bad mother for letting my kids watch t.v.  i have too many other things to make me feel like a bad mother, Dick Van Dyke isn't one of them.

speaking of being a bad mother, guess whose kids have never had a slurpee or an iceee???  uh huh, mine.  yeah, i'm a total failure. however,  i like to make up for my failures in BIG ways.  i'm currently planning a 7/11 day on 7/11/11.  i know, i'm like totally coolerrific {cool+terrific}!  as of now the plans are to set the alarm for 7:11, go to a 7/11 and get slurpees, and do things in 7's, but what and when and how and where i do not know! i welcome  really need your suggestions.

i've mentioned a couple of times that michael and i are going to maui this summer.  i started working a little job from home a little over a year ago and decided right away that i wanted to spend every bit of the $ to take michael on a trip for our 15th anniversary.  he has worked two jobs for nearly our entire married life so that i could be a sahm.  he is awesome...actually he is "coolawesious."  i'm thrilled that i have the opportunity to give him a "honeymooniversary {honeymoon=anniversary}." 

so the verdict on my wiww post is in, and it is official NO ONE is a fan of the blue dress. i'm okay with that and am grateful for everyone's opinion.  let me say that i hate dresses.  i have tried on at least 40 dresses in hopes to find something fantabulous to wear in maui.  i see dresses that would have looked great on my pre-baby body... you know when things use to be where,well, they use to be.  i have had some altercations with a few dresses {no i don't mean alterations, it's altercations}.  they ticked me off so i punched them.  yes, the dresses. i punched them hard.  really.  they looked at me with that "you'll never look good in me" look so i hauled off and hit'em!!  apparently i have a mean streak and become violent towards clothing when i can't find something that fits me right. who knew?
after i cooled off i returned to another fancy department store to try on strapless bras {note- there is Godiva chocolate on the sales counter between the lingerie and swimsuit department... a woman thought of that for sure. i'm just say'n} i hate strapless bras more than dresses... needless to say i was escorted out of that department store by the security guard my husband.
mu husband hates my attitude after i've tried on 40 lame dresses and stupid strapless bras {he should have bought me some of that Godiva chocolate if he wanted my attitude to improve. i'm just say'n, again}.

thankfully my girls don't have anger management issues when it comes to clothing.  in fact they are quiet the opposite. they turned their room into a "dress-up room" today.

aren't they adorablative {adorable+ creative}!

when i grow up i am going to be just like my girls {i hope}.

maybe i should wear a hoe-down dress in maui?

after church on sunday we had a few errands to run, then grabbed lunch at IN-N-OUT.  while we were there vans and buses loaded with teenagers swarmed the place!  being the shy gal that i am i quickly approached the teens to find out where they were headed...HUME LAKE!  {i was rescued at Hume Lake 23 yrs ago}  IN-N-OUT burgers and HUME LAKE makes me ALL KINDS OF HAPPY! {note to self eat at IN-N-OUT and encounter Hume Lake bound campers when dress and bra shopping}.  my husband and kids weren't at all surprised when i walked up to the Hume Lake bound folks and shared my birth-story.

"i love to tell the story, 
'twill be my theme in glory, 
to tell the old, old story, 
of jesus and his love."  
 do you love to tell the story? 

so that about sums up my randomality, for this week anyway.

what randomness is happening in your life?
please tell me so i can live vicariously through you!  


katie said...

Aww, I just want to reach through the screen and nab that frozen favorite summer treat. Well, actually I can eat it whenever. Great pics!

Linda Z said...

You are hilarious! I was cracking up so many times at this post! I love your 80's jive. Jr. Highers... wow!! :)

Sorry about your dress situation. :( I have a hard time with dresses, too. I usually do better with wrap dresses and straight skirts. When we went to Hawaii I just wore shorts. What about your green embroidered dress?? (I remembered it cause I have the same one in Navy.) It's light and pretty and looks great on you! :)

I also just got the cross-front jersey dress from Old Navy which fits well... just have to do something with the front, cause it plunges way too low.

Love the Farmer's Market pics! :)

Mindy Harris said...

what sweet precious sister time! i am going to blogsugar, too. c u there!

Jennifer @ Studio JRU said...

I love posts like this... love randomality! It sounds like your family is having such a great summer! I want to go back to Hawaii so bad... someday. I can not wait to see your photos!! I loved playing dress up with my sister. We have such great photos of us in some *crazy* outfits! lol

Zac said...

I love your random reality right now, sorry about the dresses's so tough to find just the right dress that's affordable. And I think strapless bras are some kind of torture.

My reality right now? Getting ready for a birthday party/fourth of July bash at our house. And wondering what else we need on hand for a bike parade....

Gina said...

oopsie...that last comment was really from me, not my husband Zac. Looking at it now, that just seems wrong to have a man named Zac talking about strapless bras. maybe we should delete that? well, guess I'm keeping things interesting for you....

Simply Sara said...

where do you come up with this stuff?

i really think you need to write a book for all us moms who are seriously lacking in the creative department!

your 7/11 plan is genius!
i'm gonna be a total copycat!
my kids will thank you.

Kristen said...

i love farmer's markets.

marvin would love that corn on the cob and all the dress up. right up her little alley!!

i am glad your kids are finally going to get slurpee/slushies. my mom's birthday is on 7/11. she should go get a slurpee for her birthday :O)