To Read on the Journey

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


i talk too much.

some stories can't be kept to self. 

His stories can't be kept to self.

i am afterall  His voice here.

to tell.

the Spirit within me pleading to be ablaze.   

the fuse is lit.
dynamite on my tongue.
a God explosion erupts!

 His stories can't be kept to self.  
i must glorify.

glory can't be contained. 

 too much...
 about Him. 


Alana said...

Yes! I love to tell His stories, I don't do it enough! So glad to hear about your interest in Laundry Love. Let me know how I can help...

Simply Sara said...

you talk just the right amount.

can't wait to hear more of His glory stories.

xoxo said...

Found you through the pleated poppy. :) Thank you so much. I need this reminder today. Lovely, keep talking!

admin said...

This week I was asked by the leader of our MOPS group (I'm a mentor) if I would be willing (please, please, she pleaded) to wrap up the meeting with a brief word about the Gospel....and I thought, you need to ASK? I LOVE LOVE LOVE talking about Jesus! And I find that every time I do, the words are not my own and they do flow. Wishing I lived close enough to let our words flow over coffee with you, dear Denise.

Barb Kelley

hannah singer said...

yes yes!! love you, and that you tell his story!! xo