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Saturday, April 9, 2011

"You've really got a hold on me"

my mom visited last weekend for 3 days. 

3 days!

and i could write a series of posts and tell you that this is the first time she has been at my house in almost 2 years.

i could tell you about recent hurt, anger, bitterness,
and about how i think i'm justified.
but i can't write that...
because of Grace.

leading me
{to give up. let go of. to put aside. surrender a right. to stop holding: release}

 leading me instead
let Grace 
have a hold 
on me.

 i was having a little fun at, can you tell?

What is Grace asking you to relinquish?


Renee said...

I know our circumstances are different, but this post is something similar to what I would write. Grace is also calling me to relinquish bitterness, resentment, disappointment, and anger towards my mom. It's something that Jesus is working on in my husband AND I. Sometimes I think it'd be easier to hold onto those bitter feelings, but the Lord is teaching us how much we miss out on when we cling to hurtful things.
My Bible verse for the year is "Whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable-if anything is excellent or praiseworthy, think about such things." Philipians 4:8
SO excited for you relinquishing and taking your thoughts captive!

Queen of the Nook said...

When I had my daughter, I sought wise counsel, and that person asked me, "Do you see that you don't need a mother anymore? Can you see that God is both of your parents, all the time? Can you let her just be a grandmother, and see what happens?" I tried it. And it has made all the difference in the world. I let God be everything and everyone I needed and it freed up other people to be themselves, flaws and hurts and all.

Candace Tallmon said...

Very well said, Tammy!

Paige said...

Grace is calling me to relinquish years of unkind words and judgments passed on me...hurtful relationships and the bitterness that settles in because of it. It is calling me to let go of my justifications and reasons for my feelings and let God cover me, protect me and defend me. Grace is calling me to give to others exactly what He has given to unmerited gift that never runs out!

Thank you for the reminder!

Jules said...

If it helps, I wish my mother could visit. I wish she could spoil my kids. I wish she could talk too much, or make brownies with them. I wish she could buy something so I could say, "She shouldn't have done that." But, she never will.
I never really had a relationship with her...of any kind.
It may not look like the Waltons or the Brady's, but you have someone who adores your kids, knows that you really are a good mom and respects you for it.
SHE LOVES YOU. But, you know that already. You have done an amazing job looking back and thanking God for where he has brought you today...a loving and loyal friend, mom and wife.

denise said...

So often, when I find myself struggling to let go and forgive, the Lord reminds me of all I've been forgiven. Talk about humbling!

At the moment, I know exactly what He wants me to relinquish: unrealistic expectations.

Simply Sara said...

Grace.... leading me to let go of my judgements.
to let Him be my everything.

so proud of you for letting Him have a hold on you and your past.


Janelle said...

There is such beauty in grace. This post and all the comments tugged at my heart.

You are so dear to me.

I am thankful that you had 3 days to see Christ work and move in you! That's victory!!

Alana said...

I love this Denise. It is amazing what grace can do for our hearts and others. Love you and think so much of you!

Jennifer @ Studio JRU said...

What a beautiful post Denise! I am working on letting grace have a hold in my life. It is wonderful! :) Amazing grace.

Kristen said...

jules comment brought me to tears... she is so right!

i am so proud of you!

i am glad you had those days to visit with your mom.. it was so good for both of you.

love you!