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Thursday, April 14, 2011

the happiest place on earth!

On our way to the "happiest place on earth" {according to me}, 
Oakdale, Ca. 
the "Cowboy Capitol of the World's"
Rodeo Parade! 


Parade Etiquette from an experienced parader :
{back in the day i sang in the Oakdale Rodeo parade 2x, danced once.
 Wilford Brimley and blond Chip guy were the grand marshals}.

Pointing is not rude at parades. 
Children must crawl out onto highway to see the action. 
Adults must act like children at a parade-
Wave at "floats."
Shout "hello!" 
Hoot and holler "yeehaw!"
Race for candy.

Do not be surprised by what you will see in a parade; 
men atop horses atop trailers is the norm in Oakdale. 
Apparently so are women riding mechanical headless bulls.
to reside in Oakdale you are required to have one of these.
Participate in the parade! 
Run out into the parade and ask to have your photo taken with the clowns!
invite a clown to have a photo taken with your "clowns."
{one crazy lady even chased after the girl scout float to buy cookies}.
Cheer loud for your high school alma mater, "OHS!"
Make sure you are dressed in proper parade attire. 
In Oakdale, Wrangler jeans, a fringed top, and boots from the local 
Feed & Seed is the fashion, 
but this will do too.

Don't forget cash so you can purchase over priced 
cotton candy and parade balloons.
Make some noise! 
You are after all in the "happiest place on earth" 
{according to you}.
There's really is "no place like home"
Where is your "happiest place on earth?"


{cuppakim} said...

love this! my grandpa used to take me to a 4th of july parade every year when I was little. nothing like a hometown parade!

Cari said...

Oakhurst used to throw parades like this and the whole town shut down (it had to with everything going straight through town). I miss that for my kids :D ps. What if you are afraid of clowns? Never have liked 'em.

Thea Nelson said...

Turlock. Hands down. Pure bliss being there! It's probably not a good thing to ever go visit with my hubby and the kids with me, because then there's no motivation to get on my return flight! It's like, "Leave all our stuff there--we can start over here."

Oh, to dream... :)

Janelle said...

I love parades and small town festivities. You take awesome pictures!

Jessica Johnson said...

i love oakdale! i especially love escalon, the land of 8 zillion churches. great pics! parades are the best. and i totally agree with your rules. ;)

Simply Sara said...

awww this totally reminds me of the stampede we have here.

made me feel like maybe it's a just a dream and you don't really live so far away... except for the fact that you kept yelling "oakdale california. woohoo!!!" ;)

one day you'll have to come up here in july. you'll fit right in. the whole city goes cowboy :)

Counting Twigs said...

It looks like a lovely day...we all have a little YEEHAW in us I think. ;)

Alana said...

Well, that looks just FABULOUS! So fun!

Kristen said...

i love parades. love them.

you are so funny. this made me smile.

fun fun fun!

mel @ the larson lingo said...

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE hometown parades!!! We are not too far from oakdale...we should go next year! Our town has a 4th of July parade every year that I haven't missed in 28 years! My happy place is Lake Tahoe (or Target) :)