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Friday, April 29, 2011

where i've been, and what i'm up to...

for easter break i took the kids to visit my mother and her husband at their new home in the desert, then traveled solo to san diego to visit friends. 

my kids had never been to the desert before.  seeing salt plains, joshua trees, and red rock park for the first time had them in awe.

 (pictures from web)  

we discussed how diverse and beautiful california is (coastal and mountain ranges, agricultural valley, and desert land), and how fortunate we are to live in a state with such glorious creation. 

before i left my mothers to head to s.d we all spent a day together. we visited the trona pinnaclesthe trona pinnacles are prehistoric mineral columns rising up from an ancient lake bed (which noah thought was awesome once he discovered star wars had been filmed there).

the best thing about visiting my mom is that she makes my favorite foods!  however, biscuits & gravy for breakfast followed by fried chicken & mashed potatoes for dinner are the enemy of this 37 yr old digestive system (oh, to be 16 again and have the ability to inhale all the greasiness my pallet desires).

my kids were thrilled to stay at their grammie's house for a few days minus the "eat your fruits and vegetables police," so they could indulge in all the junk my mom "forced" them to eat.

in san diego i visited my favorite little family.  imogen and i had a lot of catching up to do.
her mommy and i played catch up too, but come on, we all knew i was really there to see this sweet girl.
(she is so yummy).

after traveling 931 miles the kids and i arrived home late thursday evening.

i was exhausted by all my travel, but had one more leg of fun left on my easter break adventure...
a date with this guy. 

seeing steven curtis chapman in  concert on good friday night was AWESOME!
it was everything i'd want from scc-all his oldies, acoustic, simple, stories, joined by his 2 sons, caleb and will franklin. walking down memory lane of my christian journey through scc's music on good friday was a blessing (thanks for my early mother's day gift michael).

so that's where i've been.

as for what i'm up to...
well, "back to life, back to reality."
taxi'n the girls everyday, 50 min. each way, to drama practice for a dinner theater they are part of this weekend, catching up on neglected work from my little part time job, dealing with a broken septic pump, and finally holding back the tears as i finalize details for many surprises for my boy whose turning 13 this coming monday.

Noah, practicing to be 13. 

what have you been up to?


Anonymous said...

Oh that SCC concert sounds like a dream . . . next time you'll have to take me along! :)

Anonymous said...

Oh that SCC concert sounds like a dream . . . next time you'll have to take me along! :)

Simply Sara said...

have so missed you.
gald you had a nice break.
glad you are home :)


p.s that look on noah's face just says it all...

Jessica Johnson said...

WOW! You have been busier than me! and I moved 11 years worth of stuff from one house to another. Now I am unpacking 11 years worth of stuff. Aghhh! I want to eat fried chicken and go on a kidless vacay to San Diego! Wahh!

Janelle said...

How in the world could you have a 13 year old? You cute, young thing.

I could smell the fried chicken from here. Oh my.

I adore your posts and so glad you played catch up.

I missed you!!

denise said...

Glad you're back! Although I don't blame you for wanting to take a trip like that. Family time, good food, and the sweetest baby. Could that little Imogene be any cuter?

Kristen said...

landon is just starting to get interested in star wars. he would love to visit a place where it was filmed. very coolawesome.

the fried chicken looks delicious.

glad you had a great trip.