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Sunday, May 1, 2011

I'm not afraid of 13.

Yeah, I heard you.
Every one of you naysayers warning me about the dreaded age, 13.
Attempting to awaken me to the harsh "realities" of having a teenager.
Peering at me as if I have no idea the magnitude of the freight train loaded with adolescent angst, hormones, and mishap that is bolting toward me.
I see your caution yellow tape.
I hear your "just waits" and "you'll sees."

But I am not afraid.

Instead I look back, hope forward. 

Look back and remember generous, loving, good God.

Who made me a mommy to this remarkable boy young man!
Who put all my fears to rest ("Rest, Peace" meaning of Noah's name) with just a look.
Who leads Michael and I in wisdom, and trains us in the Way we should go so that in Him we can lead Noah.

I Hope forward...
with great expectation in the Author of Life,
Who has penned every sentence, paragraph, page of Noah's life.

I'm not afraid of 13.

I'm grateful to be written into Noah's 13.


Janelle said...

Breathtakingly beautiful.

Happy Birthday to your handsome boy.

You amaze me with your words!


Kristen said...

happy birthday noah!

Simply Sara said...

this is why i love you.
and want to be like you when i grow up.
please move to canada.

happy birthday noah!

Beth and Barry said...
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Beth and Barry said...

people say that to us about wanting a second child since our first is so well behaved. saying things like "you just wait, that second one won't be that good." "you should stop with one." "you won't want anymore babies after #2, they're always the ring-leaders." it gets old & it makes me want to have 20 instead of just 3 or 4. ha! i am a second child so i know how they can be, but i also know a God who has given me far better than i will ever deserve. i trust that His plan is good & right. i trust that He creates each & every child. my job is to simply encourage them to channel their energy & passion for the Lord. thanks for writing this! it encouraged my heart, even though i am still 12 years away from the 13 with my boy. :)

unfinished said...

Hope you had a wonderful day Noah! Sounds like you and your Dad had a fun adventure on Saturday. What a great surprise. Love, your nana and gramps