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Saturday, May 14, 2011

out on a limb

to paint or not to paint, that is the question?

ever since landing on this post from lisa leonard i have been perched on a limb
in search for my own
birds to paint.

then these two little "love" birds flew my way
for just $2.50 each.

 they are pretty just as they are, 
sweetly remind me of  my grandparents' house,
 and my beloved grandmother's  knick knacks on her side tables.

what do you think? 
to paint
not to paint?


Jules said...

They are so sweet.
I will put myself out there and say that I need to take them off your hands since this is such a stressful decision. Just hand them over and forget about it.

The Writer Chic said...


Clean white, or the ever popular aqua. Or sunny yellow.

But yes, paint.

Or, give them to Jules, and save yourself the decision. ;)

Simply Sara said...

i'd paint 'em white.
but leave the feet black.
super cute!

Kathleen said...

Oh, yup you should paint them yellow...I've been hunting for bird figurines since Lisa posted that too. Yours are great finds.

Tasha from Creation Corner said...

I would have to say I am torn. I think they would be beautiful painted, but I also see your love for them just as they are. Sorry not much help. I would probably spend days to weeks debating (lol)

Kristen said...

i am no help.

i think they are cute in their natural state but would be super cute painted. is that where they will live or do you have another home for them in your house where painting them would work better??

Linda Z said...

I think they are adorable as is. Nice contrast with the green frames if that's where you're going to keep 'em. :)

Kayla Sue said...

Oh, they are so sweet! I love bird decor! LOVE IT! If you paint them, I think white or light blue would be beautiful.

Make sure you show us if you decide to :)

Counting Twigs said...

Oh, I love them as is. A nice vintage look.