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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

teenagers, rollercoasters & apes

the other day a mother informed me that having a teenager was a "roller-coaster ride."
well, then let the ride begin!
to get the "ride" off to a monumental start we surprised noah with a trip to six flag's magic mountain, just him and his dad, to roller-coaster it up!

i expect to feel the same way noah did after i complete this teenage-adventure loaded with unexpected ups, downs, corkscrews, screaming, laughter, and tears... with joy, exclaiming, "that was awesome!!"

some parents might say that teenagers drive you apes!
 good thing i love ape(s).

 noah was surprised again at school with another visit from our favorite gorilla.  the  7th graders gladly welcomed the  gorilla who interrupted p.e. class with a balloon delivery for the birthday boy and  donuts for the sweaty class.  

there is one more surprise for noah still to share. 
my favorite surprise of all...


deb colarossi said...

You are the mom of a teenager!!
( and you still look like one )

the ape terrifies me.

mama holly said...

I still remember the my pretty princess game our boys played before my Tay was a Teen. Time....

You and your family are are blessing to me.

and deb... the ape terrifies me too

Janelle said...

What fun surprises!! I can tell that you give everything you have to your babies. You are a great mom!!!

I love surprising my kids! I will have to remember donuts in sweaty gym class. That would make me a rock star!

denise said...

I love your attitude toward parenting, whatever the age or stage. What an encouragement you are!!

Donna Amis Davis said...

Somehow we missed this side of Holly. How could we have not known she had this in her?