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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

wiww, the " pump you up" edition

pleated poppy

i'm linking up with my  fabulous s.i.l. lindsey 
for another edition of wiww!

dress- macy's {5yrs old. told the cashier i was a s.a.h.m. and she gave me a discount!}
shoes- hand me over from my sister
tank & tights- forever 21
 necklace- lisa leonard
GINORMOUS MUSCLES- jillian michael's 30 day shred 
{it's taken me 51 days to get to day 25. yeah, i'm cool like that}

this is josie. 
{i wore her for 9 months 9 years ago}
this is what she wore to church sunday. 
{she's super cool like that}. 

dress/top thingy- target
jeggings- kohls
shoes- same as above.
necklace- lisa leonard
sign {top left} "everything's fine just put on a little lipstick"- gift from friend
{she knows i am too cool to go anywhere without my lipstick}. 

 shirt- gift from my sis 
{she likes to cloth me.  she is cool like that}
jeans- gap
shoes- kohls 
belt- maurices

HaPpY wEdNeSdAy!! 


Kathleen said...

I looove your dresses! So beautiful. Also, that red blousy top is stunning on you.

As always you look so put together.

Thanks, too for making me giggle out loud-never thought of little ones as WIWW accessories 9 years ago.

Queen of the Nook said...

You always look so adorable! I have two Lisa Leonard necklaces that Matt designed and I just switch them out- wear one everyday. I have to say you are an inspiration to me to get back into pre-baby shape. I remember when I was in college and you were right in the middle of toddlers and a new baby. How great you look right now (and pretty quickly after you had said babies) makes me realize there is hope for me and this ol' bod!

Stacy said...

The pink top outfit is pretty, cute shoes, too! Good job on the muscles! :-)

Paige said...

You look great! So 30 day shred looks super on you! i need to do something.

I love how your smile lights up a room and I see that in josie too! Precious!


Linda Z said...

You look amazing! Josie looks fabulous. And your muscle poses are hilarious! :)

And I want to know where you are moving... cause I need details like that! :)

Anonymous said...

You always dress so cute. No one wants to see pictures of my grungy t-shirts and pajama pants. :) And Josie? The child makes me smile. I love her sense of style.

Renee said...

LOVE the outfits Denise! I know you do this for fun, but it's inspiring to me. I've been a t-shirt & jeans kind of mom for the last 5 years. Y'all are inspiring me to be more feminine and stylish. Thanks for sharing!

jordyn said...

cute!! love that fuchsia top! it's a great color on you!

Simply Sara said...

your muscles could beat my muscles up.

you are cute.

i like you.

please move to canada.

Kristen said...

you are so cute and SKINNY! i am going to make you eats lots of cookies so i can sit by you on the beach :O)

we can compare muscles. i don't think mine are bigger than yours and i am on day 55 straight of jillian. you are toned my friend. awesome!

josie so stinkin' cute. i love her. i love her style. i think mauryn has a bit of josie in her.

we leave in 2 days and i get to see you in 5 days. woo hoo!!

Janna said...

wow! such cute outfits, and I especially love your daughter's funky flair :)

Jules said...

I'm hugging those outfits right now.

They feel pretty darn good.

Time for El Cid girl. But before Sunday, since, you know, I won't be able to "partake".

Janelle said...

You are precious! I can feel your spunky vibe all the way through the computer!!

So proud of your muscles!!!