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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

she shared her fries

for 11 years i have been the mommy and my sister toni has been the tia (aunt).

she has enjoyed her job as tia.

sensitive to my motherhood exhaustian- my sister has always had a creative activity planned to do with the kids. i recall toddlers noah and emilie stripped down to undies finger painting in her front yard, many cookie making experiences, and most recently sock puppet sewing.

sensitive to the financial crunch of raising a family- she has been very generous. once she and her husband asked to take the kids shopping for new shoes. when they returned, they had a pair of new shoes and a pair of new heelies (roller- shoes). she has used every holiday as an excuse to buy the kids clothing, and not just the kids but me too! 75% of my clothing has been gifted or a hand-me-down from my little sister.

sensitive to the kids sweet tooth- knowing that mommies have to create healthy eating habits, but aunties don't, she has always spoiled the kids with cookies, candy, and cakes!!

needless to say, she has been very generous as a tia and sister.

but this isn't unusual for my sister.

when we were young she would share her fries when her big sister (me) devoured hers too quickly. i never had to ask, she just couldn't stand to see me go without.

and now she is a mommy and i am a tia.

tomorrow the kids and i get to meet the newest members of our family. we are so EXCITED!

and i want to be sensitive to what it is my sister needs from me. i don't think at this time it is a creative activity, new shoes, or a cake. i think what she needs is a cheerleader and a mommy friend. someone to support and encourage her, to understand how exhilarating and exhausting being a mommy is.

the following pictures were taken by michael during christmas.
(top l-r; steve,toni, me, michael
bottom l-r; emilie, papa steve, josie, grammi, noah)
i look forward to our next family photo, made complete with the addition of two sweet little boys.


Linda Z said...

Such sweet sister sentiments!! :) And what a generous and caring sister you have!! Can't wait to see a pic of her little boys. You will be a great aunt!

Jessica said...

What a blessing for you to return the love in such a special way!

And those pictures are gorgeous. What a great idea! Thanks so much for sharing such wonderful sisterly thoughts!

Dionna said...

What great memories and such a wonderful legacy/example for your kids!

Kristen said...

Oh how exciting for your sister! and for you as the tia.
i hope you have a wonderful time meeting your new nephews.

this was a beautifully written post about your sister - so sweet.

i love the family pictures!

Lorie said...

What a sweet post. And what a beautiful relationship that you have with your sister.

Congratulations to her and to you for becoming a tia!