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Thursday, February 12, 2009


Here is an easy Valentine to make. Obviously this has been a favorite of mine for years!
Noah at 2 covered in chocolate. Emilie 9 months, in daddy's hat, puckering.

How to make it-

Get a box of Sweetheart's candy (empty the candies)
Insert your favorite picture
And add sticky magnet strips to the back

Voila! You have a great Valentine magnet for the fridge!
(this will be very popular with the grandparents)

We found this acrostic LOVE poem worksheet at Enchanted Learning.
Since i have old pix. of Noah and Emilie above, i have to get an adorable picture of Josie in too. Here she is age 3, with rice crispy treat Valentines.
What do you do for Valentine's Day?


Linda Z said...

Loverly!! :) I especially love the heart boxes! Classic.

Elizabeth @ things with feathers said...

I love the magnet idea. Yes, the grandparents in our world would FLIP over those! Thanks for your nice post on my blog, too. :)

Kristen said...

i love those magnets - what a great idea. i might have to do that next year.

the acrostic poems are great - another good idea for next year.

this year we aren't doing anything for Valentines Day since we are out of town at Morgan's gymnastics meet. Usually we do pink/red heart shaped pancakes, red/pink milk, heart shaped cake in the evening for dessert, heart shaped pizza for dinner, heart shaped sandwiches for lunch. we usually get the kids a little love gift that they open that night.

have a great valentines day neighbor!

Shirin said...

This year we are having dessert for dinner. Every year we have dessert for dinner. It doesn't work well. Everyone is hungry afterwards. We do it anyway. Tradition.

In effort to curb the hunger of the latter part of the day, this year I started us off right. This morning we had heart shaped elephant's eyes for breakfast. Heart shaped cookie cutter cuts out the center of the bread. Add your skillet and an egg and there ya go! Valentines breakfast the easy and healthy way.

Shannon said...

Love those ideas!! Very cute!