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Saturday, February 28, 2009

i can be a little creative, just a little.

the blog world has upset my lazy tendencies.

instead of sitting around all day, doing nothing, watching soaps,
eating bon bons (because this is what the stereotypic sahm does).
or instead of cleaning (i love clean), i have been inspired by so many
blogs to either buy something creative or do something creative.
since buying something requires $, i've opted for the latter.
so here you go, are you happy you creative bloggers. you win!

i sewed (with help) these little smocked summer dresses for my girls.

i even used a surger!
this was an easy first sewing project. next the girls and
i are going to make little pencil skirts.

i got the girls started on a beginning needlepoint project.
we just took some muslin, needle and embroidery thread,
and drew our own design to follow. this is emilie's.
the girls enjoyed this little project, and it gave me sweet moments of quiet.

i have been dragging my kids to fabric stores and home stores looking
for a way to mistreat the windows in my home.
this is what kids look like when they are dragged from here to there.
aren't they cute.

ahhh, but my laziness isn't completely cured! this is the back of our front door.
uh huh, those are Christmas cards.


Simply Sara said...

Great Job!
I love the little dresses, very cute fabric!

Once Upon a Twig said...

oh, i love the needle point. how sweet!

Shirin said...

Tell Emilie she did an awesome job! That is just precious and something she'll love for a long long time. It's so beautiful, it makes me want to make one too!

Sarah Markley said...

oh, i love the needlepoint. i think that hope would enjoy that. and it would make her feel "big" by letting her work with a needle.

great ideas, denise.

Kristen said...

the dresses are darling - good job. some day i will get a sewing machine and try my hand at a project or two.

i just took my christmas cards off my kitchen cupboards about a week ago and the snowmen stuff just came down last week :o)

Linda Z said...

You look more than a little creative to me!! :) I like going through with a creative idea... I might be wrong, but I think God takes pleasure when we are creative and bring beauty from chaos... He being the ultimate Creator and all! :)

Elizabeth @ things with feathers said...

Yes, isn't it amazing how blog world makes you feel incredibly inadequate and yet totally inspired at the same time?? Way to go on the dresses. Mucho impressed!