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Sunday, February 15, 2009

A Good Infection

"This matters more than anything else in the world... The whole dance, or drama, or pattern of this three-Personal life is to be played out in each one of us: or each one of us has got to enter that pattern, take his place in that dance. There is no other way to the happiness for which we were made. Good things as well as bad, you know, are caught by a kind of infection. If you want to get warm you must stand near the fire: if you want to be wet you must get into the water. If you want joy, power, peace, eternal life, you must get close to, or even into, the thing that has them. They are not a sort of prize which God could, if He chose, just hand out to anyone. They are a great fountain of energy and beauty spurting up at the very center of reality. If you are close to it, the spray will wet you: if you are not, you will remain dry. Once a man is united to God, how could he not live forever? Once a man is separated from God, what can he do but wither and die?"

C.S. Lewis
Mere Christianity

I need to enter into the dance with my Father, Jesus, the Spirit. There are seasons where i can't keep from dancing. This isn't that season. Oh, but i NEED the joy, power, peace, eternal life i get from that Great Fountain. I can't hear the music, find the beat, move on my own. So, like a child, i ask my Father to lead. I place my feet on His feet, and He carries, moves me (us) across the floor... and we dance.


Simply Sara said...

Hi, I just recently found your blog and I'm really enjoying reading it!

What a beautiful post!
Thanks for reminding me that even when I don't hear the music, I can dance on the Fathers feet and still dance :)

Linda Z said...

Wonderful words for a Monday monring! :) C.S. Lewis has such a beautiful way of conveying things!

Keep dancing!! :)

Jennifer said...

That is a beautiful quote. I hope you find your sure footing again soon. Sounds like you are finding out what faith really means: struggling to simply believe that what we do not see nor feel to be true IS TRUE...

Don't listen to yourself when your self wants to fear, just keep talking to yourself: preach that gospel to yourself every day!

Atta girl, Denise. Sometimes you can't dance, but you can stand!

"... and having done all, stand..."

p.s. have you ever read Martyn Lloyd-Jones' book called "Spiritual Depression: Its Causes and Cures?" Wonderful, I highly recommend it. Very gentle and pastoral, so encouraging. I have those seasons, too...
bleh, it's usually in February. ;)

Jessica said...

What a wonderful quote from CS Lewis. Reminds me I need to get that book out and read it again.

Sarah Markley said...

beautiful words, denise. i love it.

(by the way, the word verification was "dozing")