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Saturday, February 7, 2009

pizza plays

The kids had been playing quietly in the room for a while (now that they are bigger, when it is quiet i don't wonder what mischief they are getting into. Nope, i enjoy the peaceful play, and the quiet they don't realize they are giving me), when Noah came to fetch me, they had been working on a show, and were ready to present it to me. As i entered the room Noah greeted me at the door and said, "Welcome to the show and please take your seat here." My seat was on the bottom bunk bed. As i sat, the make shift theater curtains (blankets hanging from the top bunk) closed, the lights went out, and the stage was set.
I listened to the jingling and clashing as the stage crew attempted to quietly set up. Soon, the lights were on, and the curtains were drawn open as Emilie announced the show, "Presenting Josie's cooking show!" (it is important to know that Josie wants to be a "cooker," and have her own "ranstraunt" when she grows up. She has had these plans since she was 2).

Josie (who enjoys watching the Food Network more than most children) gave quiet a presentation. She made pizza; measuring all the ingredients for the dough, she threw pretend salt over her shoulder for luck (like Rachel Ray), mixed the ingredients together, assembled the pizza. At the end of the show i was presented with a delicious pepperoni, olive, mushroom pizza. aren't they the cutest kids ever!! what i loved best about their production was that Noah and Emilie worked behind the scenes. They let their little sister steal the whole show. In doing that they stole my heart.


Linda Z said...

That's adorable! We'd have food network on all the time... if we had cable! :)

It's so great that they all worked together!!

nicole said...

you have some truly amazing kiddos! they have great hearts for God, for each other, and for others!

Jessica said...

So cute!! Can't wait for the imaginative play and plays to begin!

Kristen said...

that is awesome. i love that they did this all on their own and they let josie be the star. your kids are amazing - great job mom!