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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

10 on Tuesday & Questions

#1. noah's not too old for legos. #2. sweet emilie. #3. cinco de josie. #4. mutilated barbie in the toilet #5. josie in a sling again {she's not hurt, just likes to wear it} #6. the girls made me lunch #7. lego hair #8. cinco de rubber duckie in the pocket #9. kids bought me flowers with their own $ for mom's day #10. our daily devotional which helps us start off each day with our hearts tuned to Jesus.  


blog friend turned real-life friend kristen had a list of questions for her 3 kiddos to answer about her for mother's day.  i was curious what my kid's answers would be and decided to play along.
i'm so glad i did!!

1. i like when my mom....
josie: hugs me
emilie: sings and plays her guitar
noah: makes white chocolate chip pancakes

2. my mom likes to relax by .....
josie: sitting and staring out the front window
emilie: cleaning the house
noah: playing guitar

3. the best thing my mom cooks is......
josie: white chocolate chip pancakes
emilie: white chocolate chip pancakes
noah: white chocolate chip pancakes

4.  what does your mom do for fun.....
josie: blogs
emilie: blogs
noah: sings

5.  what is your mom's favorite thing to do with you......
josie: sing with me
emilie: talk to me
noah: snuggle

6. what is the one thing she says to you most often......
josie: stop growing
emilie: you're a sweet girl
noah: "noah joseph jones!"

7.  her favorite TV show is ...... 
emilie: general hospital {yes, i watch a soap}
noah: i love lucy & gilmore girls

8. what is your moms favorite food, drink, dessert.....
josie: vegetables, tea, s'mores
emilie: popcorn, "mommy's medicine" (mike's hard lemonade. which i have once a year during maycation), cheesecake
noah: corn on the cob, laughs and says "a hard cold beer" with a twangy accent {for the record, i can't stand the taste of beer}, daddy's cheesecake

9.  what does your mom do during the day..... 
josie: works, blogs, helps with school, cleans, drives taxi
emilie: works, blogs, helps us with our school work, moms {yes, it's a verb}, cleans
noah: blogs and cleans the house

10.  my mom likes to wear..... {not what i like to wear, but what i wear}
josie: socks & sweatshirts
emilie: yoga pants
noah: clothes {men}

11. the best thing she does is......... 
josie: love.."you love best"
emilie: talking & singing.
noah: snuggles

12.  it makes her happy when........ 
josie: i hug her
emilie: when she sees old cars such as ford falcons (i do get a bit  too excited when i see falcons}. 
noah: i do the look

13.  when she shops she buys........
josie: clothes
emilie: food, clothes
noah: clothes

14.  if she could go on a trip she would go....... 
josie: Azores
emilie: Flores, Azores
noah: she would take a trip to ride an elephant, and to the Azores {i really do want to ride an elephant}.

15.  i love my mom because..... 
josie: she's the awesomest mom in the world
emilie: of all she's done for me
noah: because she's my m.b. {mommy bear}


denise said...

I love this post! So fun to see you through your kids' eyes. Although I'm a little surprised that you like to sit and stare out the front window to relax :)

Jules said...

For the record, I stare out the window too. Problem is the view is not nearly as pretty as it used to be.

Kristen said...

i love your lunch :o)

why have you never made me white chocolate chip pancakes on maycation? this must change this year. they sound awesome. i hearty heart heart white chocolate way more than dark or milk chocolate.

i had no idea you were a soap fan... really??

i love learning new things about you my friend.

Janelle said...

I love the different answers on #6. That made me smile!

White Choc chip pancakes, recipe please!

What sweet babies you have!!

Jessica Johnson said...

Barbie in the toilet = killing me!!!!! That devotional looks awesome. I need it.

Linda Z said...

#4 & #7 are cracking me up! :)
And I love the answers to the questions! I'm always telling my kids to stop growing, too! Are they going to have a complex? These are fun... I will have to ask my kids! :)

Alana said...

LOVE #10! And love the Mommy quiz...looks like I need some of your white chocolate chip pancakes?! :-)

Jessica Johnson said...

so cute! such a fabulous idea! you must talk about escaping to the azores alot... that one made me laugh ;)

Simply Sara said...

it's official. your fans have spoken. we NEED that white chocolate pancake recipe. with pictures. please and thank you.

i have 1 of 3 children interviewed so far... can't wait to see how my girls answer :)

i heart #11.

miss you my friend.

now i need to get on amazon and order that jesus calling devotional!