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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

a jar of blessings

if you have 14 minutes with nothing better to do than watch this lengthy movie from a little surprise birthday gathering thrown for me.
in the video (which i should have aired as a vlog mini-series because it is so long) i am blessed with the filling of a jar  (J.A.R. is the name of a dinner night we have on occasion which includes the Jones, Allen, and Roger's families).
My love language is "words."  The best gift i could ever receive are words of blessing...and michael's homemade heath toffee crunch/homemade caramel/ topped in skor bar cheesecake!

and hello to dee, my "secret" blog follower! 


Kristen said...

i like your curls.

the video keeps freezing about 24 seconds in... i have tried a few times to load and watch but it won't work ;o( maybe it is my computer or service. i will try again in the am.

hope you had a wonderful birthday.

Kristen said...

yeah i got it to work... that was so fun.

i would put a mini computer in your jar as a reminder of how we met. or sand for bass lake and our time at the house sitting on the beach talking and refreshing my soul. or an umbrella or couch or fondue pot as a reminder of our time together in portland... another soul refreshing time.

love you friend. happy birthday.

Paige said...

I love your vlog mini-series comment. That is hilarious. I am at work but will be sure to watch this later today!!!

Hope yesterday was awesome!

Smiles and hugs-

Anonymous said...

Happy Belated Birthday!
Thanks for sharing this video - you are very loved by your friends and family.
I had never heard of
"a jar of blessings" what a lovely idea.