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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

today i am

Thank you God for 37years.

Thank you that “even in childhood was implanted within me a trace of that Mysterious Unity from which I was derived (St. Augustine)." 

Thank you Father for pursuing me through out my childhood, drawing me to you, and for bringing me into your immeasurable love and abundant life.  You are so good to me. 

 Thank you Spirit that I am sealed in you.  Thank you for the fruit you produce in my life.   Thank you for loving me so deeply that you daily lead me into death to self, to the cross, and into victorious life. 

Thank you Jesus, for revealing to me that You are enough for me.  Thank you for taking away the things I’ve held onto for security, and for then revealing to me that You alone are more than enough.  That you alone Jesus are a feast with left overs!  Oh the freedom I have come to know being satisfied in You.

Thank you for your generosity.  I am so BLESSED.  Thank you that the “old has gone and new has come.”  That there is not curse, but blessing.   There is not despair, but hope.  There is not lie, but truth.   There is not grief, but joy.  There is not confusion, but peace. There is not defeat, but VICTORY. 

Thank you for Michael, who leads me, and our children.  I see You in him.  Michael glorifies you in our home.  Thank you for Noah, Emilie, and Josie.  Thank you for the ways they seek your face. Thank you for the relationship they have with each other. Thank you for the laughter, music, and intimacy they add to my life daily.  Thank you for allowing Michael and I to partner with you in shaping and molding them for your glory alone.   You have lavished me in your love through my family.

Thank you is not enough.

I know there is nothing I can give you that could ever compare with all You have given me (and I have no idea what still waits for me in Glory).  I give you my life, my worship, my love.  I commit to simply receive all you give me.  To live in “Your love better than life” my “lips glorifying You, praising you as long as I live (Psalm 63:3-4).”

I LOVE YOU! (tears)

Can’t wait to wrap my arms around you and tell you tangibly.



deb said...

Happy 37th Denise.

I am thankful you were born, and are blessing me in my 47th year.

wishing you many more moments and days and years of joy and peace.

Alexis said...

Happy 37 years Denise! I pray today is filled with family appreciating and celebrating you!

Paige said...

Oh!!! Sweet friend. Happy Birthday! I am so grateful that 37 years ago, God knit your perfect spirit and body together and brought you into this crazy world. You were born for such a time as this and I feel blessed that I have met you along life's path.

I pray today is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!


unfinished said...

***** HAPPY BIRTHDAY! *****

I sing His praises for the joy and laughter you brought to our family when you married Michael. Thank you for living your life for Christ and showing Noah, Emilie and Josie what He looks like day in and day out. They are the most loving, caring and thoughtful kids. They are each growing into such special individuals. Thank you for being a loving helpmate and partner with Michael. I love you.

Your one and only MOL - mother-in-love - Cindy

denise said...

What a joyful post! I'm so blessed to "know" you...even if it's just in this black box. I thank the Lord for His work in your life and on your behalf at the cross.

Happy birthday, bloggy friend!

Anonymous said...

What a lovely testimony to His love and faithfulness.

Happy birthday, my friend. :)

Simply Sara said...

i am SO thankful that God made you.
truly thankful.

happy 37th! wish i could be there to celebrate with ya.