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Friday, November 5, 2010

Save the Date!

I am very sentimental (and a bit wacky),  I remember dates.  I can't remember what I walked from my room to the kitchen for, but I remember dates.  Tell me your birthday once and I'm likely to remember it.  I'll remember the date we had coffee 3 years ago.  Give me a date, any date, I'll likely remember what I was doing on that day.

So when an event rolls around that was especially important to me (or maybe shouldn't be important to me), I remember it.

Today I am remembering that a year ago I was in Portland, Or. meeting up with Idaho Mom, Kristen Cheney, for a weekend adventure.

Today I am so grateful for blogging (the date I began blogging was April 6th, 2007- it was Good Friday).  Thankful for this online scrapbook/journal//video archive.

I'm thankful for the friendships I've made along the way... So Thankful For You!!  

Now, head back to my old blog (where videos are included, links below) to see what a weekend adventure with me would be like!

Then tell me when and where we are going to meet up?
 (I'd like to add the date I met you to my mental calendar).  A girl can dream.

Portland thur collage


grace eventually
If you only watch one of the videos, this one is my favorite. 
The day we met Corbin, Maryann, Glenn,  the couchsurfers, and some batologists!


Anonymous said...

You let me know when you'll be in Iowa, and I'm THERE girl. But I'd recommend waiting for spring. Just saying. Iowa does not show off its best side in the winter months. ;)

Simply Sara said...

i want you and kristen to both come up to canada.

i want to talk to random strangers with you,
and lay around in a bookstore,
and just friendship face to face.

kristen can make her yummy cookies and i can try her famous tatertot casserole,
and you can bring along stella and teach me how to play too,
oh! and you can help me pick out a pair of skinny jeans!!!

alright, i'll even meet you guys somewhere halfway....PLEASE!
i miss you.

Kristen said...

this made me smile with memories, but cry since we are not in portland right now {or somewhere}!!!

i have memorial day at bass lake on my calendar... hoping and praying that it happens again. it is tradition now my friend. my soul needs it!

sara- YES YES YES. canada. the ranch in MT. let's plan a meet up. i want to me you and your sweet family and love on and snuggle your new baby. {denise and i will be fighting over her i know it!} seriously, a meet up needs to happen.

miss and love you sweet friend. thanks for posting about our awesome trip.

Thea Nelson said...

Okay, first of all, I am SO glad someone else cherishes dates--I too remember every little thing, and other people just think it's crazy...

Come to the south! Fly into Atlanta and then we'll gab on the drive to NC for SHE SPEAKS! :)

Paige said...

OK...we have had this talk before...I will meet up with you in Georgia, whenever you are here.

I have no idea WHEN I "met" you...I know HOW though!


denise said...

I envy your memory for dates. I'm terrible with dates. Terrible! I'm lucky to remember my own anniversary and my daughter's birthday. Seriously. So I probably can't give you a date when we'll finally get to hang out, but I think it needs to happen sometime soon-ish. We live on the same coast. Surely we could find a way to get together.

My kid has just recently been asking to make a trip to CA. Dunno why; she just thinks it'd be fun to visit. Maybe that can be my excuse...

Alexis said...

You are so funny. Video was great. You have a family in MN who's door is always open. Think about it...Mall of America, Mall of America...and Mall of America!

Tasha said...

I just love you. Seriously. That video was just cracking me up. I would love to meet you anytime. Loved that.

Anonymous said...

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