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Monday, November 29, 2010

i know, right?

i am currently too lazy/overloaded to upload and picnik my thanksgiving pix.

therefore i am going to leave you another video from my friend, jesse rice.

i am guilty of all of these things.

if i had a penny for every time i've asked "does that make sense" i'd have enough pennies to buy one of these...
(and you know how much i want one)
"i'm just sayin."


Alexis said...

My first day back to work from vacation and this was PERFECT. I laughed so hard at the video. I'm guilty of, "I know, right?". I'm still laughing. Literally. Thanks friend, I needed that!

Simply Sara said...

ack. i do ALL these things too.
loved this. too funny :)

the pleated poppy said...

thank you for letting me laugh at you ALL weekend for saying these things! miss you already, you know what i mean? right?

Kristen said...

that was funny... although he drove me a little crazy at the beginning when he wouldn't look at the camera. does that make sense?? you know i picked that phrase up from you, just sayin'

love you!