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Monday, November 1, 2010

All the Buzz

 The 2010 Jones' kids Halloween Costumes
Josie would like me to inform you that she was actually a "Pink Ballerina Fairy," and NOT a "Pink Fairy Princess" for Halloween.  OOPS.
I want to tell you that I have the AWESOMEST husband in the world! 
Because I was sick, Michael sewed these pink fairy wings for Josie.  
Yes!  He is the 

A few hours before we went "Trunk or Treating" Noah had it in his mind that he could enjoy the fruits of his sister's labor (indulge in all their candy!). This is the last minuet costume he came up with when his loving parents set him straight!

Isn't Emilie  beeeee-utiful! 

Today the girls painted a thankful tree on the sliding glass window. They also cut various fall colored leaves from construction paper.
Each day of November we will write what we are thankful for on the leaves, then add our leaves to the tree.  Though the leaves outside are falling our tree inside will be
growing with thankfulness 
(see our December tree here).


Anonymous said...

I love your thankful tree! What kind of paint do you use on the window?

And your kids' costumes are awesome. :)

deb said...

can you be my mommy.

Simply Sara said...

what a sweeeeeeeet daddy!

i'm trying to picture chris sewing fairy wings.... :D
nope. can't do it.

seriously when can i move in?
your house has way too much fun.

Lelan @ Good Gravy! said...

All the costumes are great, especially the bee!!

Michelle said...

Love the Pink Ballerina Fairy! Your hubby did a great job sewing. Standing "O" just for him. :)

~the call of the Collings'~ said...

LOVE the kiddos costumes! AND the tree...what type of paint do you use?

Holly said...

Great costumes!

I LOVE the idea of the thankful tree. What a beautiful thing to look at during the day!

Alexis said...

I LOVE the thankful tree! It's officially on my to do list with the kids. The Bee hair....fabulous.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful Babies!

Tasha said...

Their costumes turned out fabulous. That beehive was amazing! I love all 3 of them. And the Thankful tree is such a great idea. What kind of paints do you use on your window? I think this would be a fun idea to do with my boys.

Kristen said...

the wings that is a serious undertaking. i am impressed with michael sewing the wings... not surprised though. i know lance would have run to the nearest store and purchased the wings.

cute costumes... i love the beehive. how clever!