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Thursday, October 28, 2010

pink tutus

josie has been wearing the same pink leotard with pink glittery tutu for nearly 2 weeks.  she has added to this ensemble in various ways; wearing it with jeans, decorating her head with a tiara or a creation corner headband, and (as always) wearing mismatched socks, and sometimes mismatched shoes.

josie's personality beams as bright as her wardrobe.  she begins her day by spreading love.  she wraps her 8 year old self around each of us, delights in us, and in the day ahead. 
josie has transformed our home into her concert hall; every activity of each day turns into a song (as i type she is singing about lunch and washing dishes). when she is not composing her own lyrics and music she is worshiping; praise is on her lips.
in the moments she is not in song she is bursting with laughter over some thought or memory.  she invites us into her laughter. 
josie lives in grace.  she doesn't dissect herself, but instead enjoys lightheartedness (oh how i hope this is a quality she will never lose).  
she is pure joy! even when days seem gray she beams with sunshine. i find my self standing in her sunshine.

josie changes the atmosphere in our home.
through her God changes the atmosphere in my heart.
thank you tasha (from creation corner)  for the wonderful gift! 
the jones girls are enjoying the headband with interchangeable flowers! 
to order your own visit the creation corner etsy shop.


denise said...

Josie sounds like an amazing kid. She reminds me very much of someone I'm around every day ;)

I love that you're the kind of mom who encourages your kids to be exactly who God created them. I want to be that kind of mom too!

Tasha said...

Can I just say Happiness. That girl just sings it from the smile on her face. From the first pictures I was smiling. Love the mismatch socks and shoes. Love the tutu. I think I would have lived in one of those myself. Love her happy personality and made up songs. What a beautiful beautiful daughter of God. She is going to be bless many lives. I can tell already. Love it. Thank you for the shout out on the headbands. That was just an added happiness. I am glad the Jones Girls are loving them. Happiness to you. I just love your family. You are always blessing me.

Kristen said...

i LOVE josie jones.... just thinking of her brings a smile to my face. i think "marvin" has a little josie jones in her. i want to be more like josie.

i love love love her pink tutu.

you know who josie reminds me of with her mismatched socks and shoes... and just her general sense of style. punky brewster. did you ever watch that show growing up??

Alexis said...

She sounds delightful. Embrace her each and every day.

Paige said...

She looks like pure joy. Her smile radiates a love that goes beyond human comprehension and the security in knowing she is loved regardless of what she chooses to wear or how she looks. I love that!

Blessings to you my friend,