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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

hat head

it's a hat day.

a much needed hat day.

it's a  i don't have to shower, blow-dry, straighten, make-up, or coordinate skinny jeans (uh huh, i got some) with a top and sweater day.

today it's a yoga pants (minus the downward dog), team building exercise t-shirt (that i received from someone else who actually exercises), zip up hoodie, and a hat day!

it's been 12 days since my last hat day.

i usually have 2-3 hat days a week.

2-3 days a week where i am not required to be anywhere other than the dining room table (for  homeschool), or at the bus stop to pick up the boy. 

2-3 days to sip my coffee instead of inhale it, to read  Little Women  to my girls (oh how i wish i could move in with the March family), to linger, to organize my thoughts (there are a lot of them), to breath Him in, to clean, to play Stella, and to blog.

because i have gone so long without a hat day i have 15 blog posts swirling around in my hat loving mind.

posts about clothespins, sweet bread, great-grandmothers, ecuador, stretchy belts, and about a silly  little girl who wore a wrist brace and sling for 3 days to be funny.  posts about how rich we are- though our bank account would indicate otherwise.  posts about saying goodbye to a "family member" and welcoming a new one. posts about squeezing in moments with besties, and being refreshed by friendship. posts about learning grace, counting on God, thanking him for pain, and about choosing glory.

but before i post any of that i must wear a hat.

now, if only i could decide which hat to wear...

do you  have "hat days?"
days that invite you to breath in each moment instead of requiring you to sprint to keep up.


Tasha said...

I think I need hat days. I am usually throw my bangs back and pinned up and hair in a pony tail days. And well, that has been happening a little too often lately.

I love that you bought skinny jeans. And I am super jealous you are reading Little Women to your girls. Now that is a good day.

Anonymous said...

My hat days are usually ponytail-and-pajama days. I love them so. That's actually what I'm wearing now! :)

ga said...

you know i have one of those most days...but i want to see the pic of you in the yoga pants, team building shirt, and of course, post, post!

Simply Sara said...

first- where oh where is the picture of you in your brand spankin' new skinny jeans?! i wanna see!
i am so jealous...i'm gonna buy some in the spring, by then you'll be so use to rockin' them that you'll be able to convince me to actually wear mine in public ;)

i can't wait for all those blog posts to make it from your pretty hair wearin' head to here.

i love hat days.
i'm a 3-5 hat days per week kinda girl too.

p.s thanks for your words today.
i love you friend.

Simply Sara said...

er...i meant to say "pretty HAT wearing head" not "pretty hair wearing head".

oh boy. i'm fairly certain i need a nap :)

Anonymous said...

one of those hats look familiar is it from oakdale, your sister has one.from a cute little shop on third street.
love you , mom

Denise said...

yes mom, toni bought it for me. early b-day present. it is very cute.

Paige said...

I love hat days...they just aren't allowed at!

I love the fourth one from the left! Super cute!

Happy Day, Friend!


Kristen said...

i recognize one of those cute hats :O)

i do NOT wear hats... you know i tried one on for you. hats and i do not go together but i wish they did it would be a life saver.

i want to see the picture of the skinny jeans. i can not be convinced to wear them... short legs and skinny jeans don't mix.

Jenn said...

I love this post. I've been blogging a lot about my version of hat days.